Weight Loss Wednesday

Well ladies and gents.....its time for me to come out of the closet and create a lil bit of accountability for myself! So here it goes.....i have made up my mind that i am going to lose this weight! A little over a month ago i joined Curves and have been working out since! Now....i wasn't as good as i wanted to be or should have been my first month...at all. But i have decided that Wednesday's here at Miculka Madness will be Weight Loss Wednesday.....i will post struggles and triumphs and my weight loss/gain for the previous week. And i know that i DO NOT want to have to tell you all that i gained weight so this accountability will help me to stay focused! And i've included a few pictures from the past......they are all taken at the size i want to get back to!

John & Me....engagement photo

Our Wedding Day!!
So here is a brief story of my weight battle....where i was and where i am now and where i want to be! Warning....i am actually going to tell you how much i weigh which is going to be incredibly difficult for me to admit but if i want to lose this weight i need to accept where i am and move forward!

On the Honeymoon

Another Honeymoon shot!

When John and I met i weighed 125lbs.....i was way tooooo skinny! By the time we got married i had gained about 30lbs and was at 155. I actually thought i was fat.....what a joke!!! Looking back now i realize that 155 was a great place for me to be....i looked fantastic! And now...GULP....i am at 188 lbs. Gosh...how did this happen???? What happened to the days of eating like a cow and not gaining an ounce??? Those days are long gone! One of my biggest struggles is portion size....i have let my eating get out of control and this is a huge focus point for me! I was very skeptical of Curves....but my girlfriend convinced me to give it a try and i have loved it! I had my first weight/measurement check yesterday and here are the results......

*I gained .5 lbs (not great but could be worse)

*I gained .5 in. in my bust(if i'm gonna gain inches i suppose this is the place to do it!!!)

*I lost 2.5 in. my waist (WHOO HOOOOO...now we're talkin)

*I lost .5 in. in my abdomen(this is my biggest problem area...i was glad to have atleast lost a lil)

*My hip measurement was the same

*I lost .25 in. in each thigh

*My calf measurement was the same

*I lost .5 in. in each arm(nice....another problem area for me!)

*I lost 1% body fat (very NICE....not gonna complain)

*I worked out 13 times in my first month at Curves

So there it is....thats where i am today! My goal is to work out closer to 20 times this next month and to see a loss on every measurement next check! Now....please DO comment....tell me of your struggles or triumphs with weight.....good snack/meal ideas......anything you think will be helpful! And please do expect a weight loss wed. post EVERY week and if it isn't there than comment on the most recent post asking for it......PLEASE! I'm excited about this weight loss journey (and anxious, scared, etc, etc) and can't wait to share this journey with all of you...my bloggy friends! =)


Erin said...

You rock girlfriend! Very inspirational...Don't know if I am brave enough to do the same (on my blog!) but I will take this journey with you for sure!! Thanks for the kick in the butt :)

~love said...

best wishes, aubrey! it's a crazy journey once realized that the days of endless eating and not gaining a pound are over. it was good while it lasted. =)
you can do this! looking forward to your updates!

Russ and Erin said...

Hey You are awesome! You are awesome at everything you do, This is just another thing to add to the list of awesomeness!!! You can do this! Try to take one day at a time and remember why you wanted to start in the first place. Good luck I will be cheering you on missy!!!!

Aubs said...

Thanks girls!! I really appreciate the support! I was worried that i would regret publishing this post but alas...it feels good to have included all of you in my journey!