Sicky boy.....=(

As many of you know....asthma and allergies are an unfortunate regular battle in our home. Colby has been through the ringer with his and seems to be "growing out of it" which we are incredibly thankful for. But Brayden's seems to be in full swing and he is having a nasty flare up right now. Bless his little heart.......he is so very tired but can't get any decent sleep cause he coughs and coughs and coughs because he can't breathe. So off to the doc we went today and he is now on a daily inhaler and we are doing breathing treatments at home.....and this is in addition to the 2 controller meds he takes on a daily basis already. He has been such a lil trooper and I am just praying at this point that we are able to keep it under control. We would love any prayers you can spare for healing for Brayden and strength for me as we push through this little bump in the road!

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Jean Marie Bibby said...

Poor little guy. I have been having the same problems with my asthma, tis the season for Spring. I'll keep him in my prayers.

Did I read correctly that you may be heading to IN???? OOOOOOOHHHHH! We are in Battle Ground, just around the corner from West Lafayette.