Thats right....its Weight Loss Wednesday!! The last week was crazy and busy and exciting....more about that later. But with being so busy and with the holiday weekend it was challenging to be careful about my eating and to not give in to the urge to just drive thru or order pizza but I'm happy to say that while i gave in a couple of times for the most part i fought it! One of the little things i did this past week was when i did give in and hit the drive thru i skipped the fries....very little step but huge for me! I LOVE french fries and it wasn't easy but i know it will pay off!
Weight loss

The gym was closed on Monday in honor of Memorial Day, so i only got 3 work outs in since last wed. Needless to say... i was a little apprehensive going in today and weighing myself! By the way...i weigh myself at the gym so that it is always on the same scale and i can rest assured that it is accurate! Now...with all that said.....I weighed in at 185 lbs!!!!!!! I have lost 3 pounds since last week!!! I weighed myself twice and then had a trainer come and weigh me just so i could be sure it was right! And it was!! 3 LBS!!!! I feel great and it sure helps give the motivation to keep it up! Here's to seeing another pound or two shed next week!

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