Not. Cool.

Soooo....it's 5:45am. I've got about 26 hours until the movers get here. And i'm awake. Because i have so much to do you ask?? Nope! Because the anxiousness is getting the best of me maybe?? Not so much. Oh yeah....its because we woke up to the lovely sound of my poor baby boy retching by the side of our bed. Brayden is sick. GREAT....just lovely. Soooo trying right now to keep a positive outlook on this whole thing and if he was going to get sick I am glad that it is now and not on the road. But other than that....the timing is HORRIBLE. And now i am just praying that if anyone in the house is going to get it that it happens soon. And that it will be a short lived virus. So if anyone can spare some extra prayers for us we would sure appreciate it. Prayer for quick healing for lil man and prayer that maybe just maybe the rest of us can avoid getting it at all! I know God will get me through this....i'm just so overwhelmed that it sure feels like alot to bear right now. And i'm so thankful that i have this forum to vent a little so that these words don't spill out to John or the boys. So that i can get this off of my chest and go back to being the best mommy and wife i can. I do indeed have so very much to be thankful for and this too shall pass.

My plan was to do progress in pictures where tonight i would post before pictures and then each evening of the mover being here i would post pictures of the progress. So.....i'm going to do my best to stick to my plan. If that doesn't happen i will post once we are done with movers and cleaning and give everyone the low down! I pray everyone is have a great Thanksgiving weekend!!


A little of this and A little of that....

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I am so completely overwhelmed right now that trying to compose a typical post is beyond me. But i want to post and i can't begin to tell you how many times i've thought over the last couple of weeks "oh i want to post about this" or "aahhh that would be a great post" and yet here we are. No posts about any of it and one chica doing my best to keep my head above water and take things one day at a time. So here it goes....a random list of things that have been going on around here!

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*we sold hubby's truck. A true blessing and answer to prayer. Also a very real lesson about who's in control and it ain't me! It happened so much faster than we ever dreamed it would! Hubby listed it late one night and THE NEXT morning we got a call from someone who was pre approved and wanted to see it asap. To make a long story short it was a hectic two days of rearranging schedules, ferry rides back and forth, talking to the bank and so on and 48 hours after listing it we were down to one car. Isn't that just like God??!! Only He could have orchestrated every detail to work out as perfectly as it did. And He taught me a lesson....things didn't go the way I had planned but He was faithful to provide! We are so very blessed!

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*i faced one of my biggest fears in life this week. and it wasn't pretty. but i did it. i went to the dentist. my heart rate just doubled because i typed that word. thats how much i dislike the dentist. i broke my jaw my senior year of high school and ever since then i have a definite dentist phobia. but i went and what should have been 1 regular visit turned into 3 visits with a total of 12 injections in my mouth over two days and alot of soreness. i knew i needed a cleaning...i had no idea what i was in for. but its done for now atleast. and guess what...i get to go to the dentist every 4 months instead of 6. FABULOUS. Just fabulous. it could be worse though right. it could be worse and maybe if i keep telling myself that i'll eventually believe it. and one last thought on this one....don't ya think w/ all the technology we have now that they could make dental torture tools silent????? i mean is that really too much to ask??

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*have i mentioned that i am embarking on a cross country move in 21 days?? 21 DAYS!!! i have a list that is like 2 1/2 pages long full of things that need to be done in the next 16 days before the movers get here. Oh my goodness......all i can do is crack up. because if i didn't crack up i would either scream or cry and i'm not too fond of either of those options. so i randomly laugh out loud when i begin to think of all that needs to be done. and try to be mindful of the fact that God is so good. And he has been so incredibly faithful through this so far and He will continue to be. Why is it so difficult sometimes to just rest peacefully in knowing that He has prepared the way and will continue to provide?

*i have a hubby who is beyond amazing. i don't know that i've ever been more grateful for him than i am right now. he is always ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done to help me out. he has been so incredibly supportive, loving and helpful and there just aren't words to truly say how thankful i am. my hubby rocks!

*today when i really really should have been cleaning my house or doing one of the millions of things on "the list"...i wasn't. I gave into my 3 year old's request for me to "just yay(lay) on the cowsh(couch) and watch docor sooosss(dr suess) wif me". It was just what i needed! A little cuddle time with my lil man.......it was the most worthwhile messy house i've had in a while!

*Colby is at a sleep over tonight. it blows my mind that i have a child old enough to be reading chapter books and going to sleep overs. where does the time go??

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*i have a Stampin Up! event tomorrow morning that i haven't gotten the food for or designed the project i am supposed to be bringing! So i guess i should go now so that i can go to the store and get the fruit tray and get home and design something! And maybe even get some sleep before i have to be there in the morning!!

So there ya have it.....random and unorganized thoughts from yours truly!

To sum it up....my life is crazy right now. But regardless of how crazy or hard it has been i am blessed beyond measure. I have so very much to be grateful for and i am doing my best to remain mindful of this wonderful fact and not get too wrapped up in stress and discouragement. No doubt my presence here will be unpredictable but i will write as much i can find time to!


Breaking News.....


DEANNA & JESSE BROKE UP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my goodness....i'm so in shock right now. A couple of months ago i wouldn't have been surprised but she had me sold on the whole relationship. CRAZY! Anyway....i really don't even have time to be finding out about anyone's break up but i couldn't help but post. So sad for Jesse. I have no idea how to do links and all of that so i can't help ya out and tell you exactly where to go but google it for the whole story! I'm hoping to have time for a "real" post soon.....hope everyone is having a good week! And please do comment w/ your thoughts.....are you surprised? Not so much?? Can't wait to hear what all of you think!