MIL to the Rescue!!!


So, I'm a planner.  I like to plan things out, make lists, know how everything will go and then when it all goes exactly as planned?  I am ridiculously happy.  God is working on me.  I mean....everyday He is working on me (b/c ya know there is A LOT for Him to do....) but one thing He has really been working on in me for a while now is letting go.  Letting of go of control and being okay when things don't go my way.  And more than that??  Trusting Him and His plans when things don't go as planned. {sigh}
My mother in law was supposed to be arriving tonight.  And then she was going to be here to see the boys basketball games this weekend!  And then?!  She was going to be here all of next week to help with the kids (read: help with Dylan!) so that we could get this house organized. Room by room.  Super organized.  Organization = my drug and since Dylan came along this house has been anything but organized!  John took leave to be home so we could work at it together.  I had it all planned out and it was beautiful.  And then? 
Jury duty.  Seriously??  Of all the times they had to summon her for jury duty this week.  And then they just had to choose her.  So she will be sitting in a court room today instead of being on her way here.  It doesn't look very promising for her to be able to get here tomorrow either.  So my plans?!  Not going to work out so well.  And I'm working really hard at just accepting that God's plans really are better.  They really are.....
She is still coming.  Sometime between tomorrow night and sometime next week.  Ha!  Operation Organization (i actually have lists for next week w/ that title on them! I'm cool like that!) is still going to happen.  It just isn't going to look like I had planned and that's okay.  I'm going to roll with this one and just take each day as it comes ~ which is pretty much how God wants me to live everyday i think.  Trusting Him and His plans.  Looking for Him in the beautiful mess of hiccups in my plans.
here she is w/ the boys last time she was here!! =)
My wish for each of you today is that the hiccups in your plans today would be beautiful and that you will find peace in knowing those hiccups are God at work!! =) 

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
~Isaiah 55:9~


Oh yes it's ladies night...

Oh what a night!! 
Saturday night Kim hosted ladies night at her house and we had sooo much fun!  Probably too much fun!! (if that's even possible!)  We definitely ate too much food!!  Sometimes a girl just needs a break to eat and laugh with girlfriends and i am blessed with some of the BEST girlfriends!! 
While a break is always nice, i do miss all of my guys when i'm gone!  Here's what i left behind Saturday night....
And some of the best girlfriends a gal could ask for....

And y'all, i made Mix and Match Mama's ultimate sausage balls because they were requested!  They are amazing.  I served them at a party a couple months ago and ever since then i've had more requests for them and for the recipe than i can keep up with!!  And i'm happy to oblige because they are SO simple!  You've got to try them!!
I'm so thankful for amazing friends that keep me in check (in so many ways!).  They make me laugh, pray for me and with me, encourage me & inspire me!  Doing life with them is fun! =)
He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.
~Proverbs 13:20~


Menu Monday

Well, that weekend went by way too fast!!  It was one of those weekends that was about as close to perfect as it gets!  Productive (taxes are DONE!) but relaxing (lots of down time at home w/the fam!) and fun (girls night!!)!  Unfortunately it ended with 2 little dudes that have fevers, coughs & stuffy noses but it could certainly be FAR worse so i'm counting my blessings!!
This week is going to be a fun one!!  We've got some school work to finish up before we head into our spring break and y'all....grandma is coming.  Hallelujah!!  Praise the Lord!! The excitement level in our home will be at an all time high until she gets here Thursday night!! More to come soon on why she's coming but for now....what will fuel all the excitement??  So glad you asked.... ;)
Monday ~ Crockpot Beef Roast w/ Veggies
Tuesday ~ Chicken Fajitas w/ homemade Guacamole & Pinto Beans
Wednesday ~ Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings w/ Green Beans
Thursday ~ Breakfast for Dinner...Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Toast & Fruit
Friday ~ Baked Potato Bar
Saturday ~ Eat Out!!
Sunday ~ Chili & Cornbread
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and that your week is filled with lots of joy & great food!!
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
~Ephesians 4:32~


I'm Lovin....

My Birchbox!!  I love to get mail, so there's that. But also?!  I'm having so much fun getting to try fun products each month!!  If you're not sure what i'm talking about, you can read my post here, where i talk all about what Birchbox is!  Here's a picture of what i got this month.....

The first thing i saw when i opened it was the chocolate. {sigh}  If i had to pick a favorite chocolate candy, it would be this exact one!!  The chocolate and caramel blend Ghiradelli has going on is dreamy.  And then nail polish?!  Love it!  And a headband? And shower gel and lip balm....i mean y'all.  This box was heaven sent strait to me! ha! 
If you haven't checked out Birchbox, you've got to get on that.  Like...what are you still doing reading here when you should be signing up for Birchbox!! ;) j/k....i love that you're reading here but you seriously have got to check it out!
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
~Colossians 3:23~


Date Night!

Saturday night, John and I had our babysitter come over and we headed out for a date night!!  You know the old saying ~ third times a charm??  This was our 3rd attempt at a date night and it finally happened!!  We didn't do anything fancy but we had so much fun talking and laughing and being together!
Hubs & Me

the food! it was SO good!!

We went to a little diner that John found online and wanted to try!  I haven't eaten like that in a while but oh.my.word it was good!!  My stomach hated me for it later but it was worth it! ;)  And the whole 50's diner scene was fun and cute!  After dinner we did a little bit of shopping and then ended the night with some Starbucks!  It was so fun to get to reconnect with this man of mine!
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
~Matthew 7:7~


Menu Monday

Last week was one of those weeks that not so gently reminds you that no matter how much you plan, you just can't control everything!  Looking forward to seeing what this week holds for me & this bunch of boys i'm blessed to call mine! =)
Monday ~ Sweet & Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(this one didn't happen last week!)
Tuesday ~ Shake-n-Bake** Chicken w/ Corn
Wednesday ~ Crockpot Orange Chicken w/ Broccoli
Thursday ~ Tacos
Friday ~ Homemade Pizzas for Family Fun Night!
Saturday ~ Lazy Man's Mix
Sunday ~ Leftovers
**shake-n-bake is typically so plain and boring to me but its so quick & easy which is what i need most nights so we coat the chicken in either bbq sauce or honey mustard before coating w/ the shake-n-bake and it adds SO much flavor!
Hope everyone has a blessed week!!
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us...
~Hebrews 12:1~


Happy Valentines Day....

...or something like that!

Life is a comedy around here right now.  And by comedy, i mean the type you just have to laugh at even though really?!  There isn't much funny about it!  Laugh or cry and i choose laugh.  Atleast right now!  There may or may not have been a good ugly cry last night, but i got it out and now i'm laughing. =)

Remember when i posted about the running challenge i was participating in on instagram?!  yeah.  about that.  This was my #48milesinFebruary post yesterday....

My knee.  In a brace.  Boo!!!  Diagnosis is partial MCL tear or severe MCL sprain. (i'm not convinced thats the correct diagnosis but thats a story for a different day...)  Either way no weight bearing exercise for 2 weeks then i can start back light and work up to where i was slowly and no running for 4 weeks.  Ugh.  I'm bummed in a major way but trying to just focus on the fact that not all is lost.  I get a few weeks to focus hard core on my arms & abs and thats not all bad right?!

So then last night after my 1st non weight bearing workout (read: ab slaying!), i jump in the shower and am very quickly realizing that i'm standing in ankle deep water, followed by the rudest craziest sounds coming from the toilet.  What in the world?   Turn off water and call for John.  Boys had just called him about their toilet making weird noises.  Oh, and there is mystery water in all 3 bathtubs.  Seriously?  Remember these little flags in our yard??

Well they've been digging the last couple of days so we were instantly suspicious that their digging was directly related to our issues.  Called the water company, they came out and from their quick assessment said they were pretty sure the main line was fine, it was our service line.  Awesome.  Water company back out this morning and after alot of big trucks and dudes up and down the street, they confirmed that it is not the main line.  The contractors hit our service line.  Call the rental agency who called the contracting company.  Long story short, we've been without water since last night.  Couldn't even rinse the dinner dishes. *STRESSES me out to have dirty dishes piled up*  There are 5 humans in this home and no working toilets ~ all i'm going to say about that is Mcdonalds isn't too far and we've visited.  *i DON'T DO public restrooms*  I'm slightly traumatized.  They are finally digging up the street right now to fix it ~ still don't know how long until we will have working water.  In the words of our favorite duck hunters ~ happy, happy, happy.
taken just a few minutes ago.....

We did give our little valentines their surprises this morning and my favorite valentine is home from work for the day which is always nice!  Our valentines dinner and cake may have to wait until tomorrow but the reality is?  I'm so blessed. 
litte surprises for my sweet little valentines!

we're tired, i'm in pain, we're in our raggedy bum around clothes but most of all?  i LOVE him & i'm so blessed by him!
This man of mine is such a blessing and i wouldn't choose to laugh thru days & weeks like this with anyone else! 
Happy Valentines Day!!
And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.
~1 Corinthians 13:13~  


Menu Monday!!

We had a great laid back weekend here at Casa de Miculka!!  And it looks to be a somewhat quiet week too! (as quiet as life w/ 3 boys can be!!)  Here's what we'll be filling our tummies with this week.....
Monday ~ Crockpot BBQ Chicken w/ Corn & French Bread
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti & Green Salad
Wednesday ~ Crockpot Italian Chicken over Rice w/ Broccoli
Thursday ~ Beef Tips in Crockpot w/ Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus &
Saturday ~ Pizza for the boys & babysitter/ Date Night for us!!! =)
Sunday ~ Leftovers/Eat Out
Anyone have any super special Valentines Day plans?!  We don't really celebrate big BUT i do believe its a great reason to bake a bundt cake for dessert and splurge a little right?!  And i always love to hear from y'all plus i love to hear how different people celebrate holidays so please do share!!
Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; for your love is ever before me, and i walk continually in your truth.
~Psalm 26:2&3~


Instagram Fun

I've seen several bloggers who weekly or just periodically do a post with some of their instagram pictures, and i love the idea!!  I tend to snap & post pics of everyday moments and of things that i would never do an entire post about, so this is a great way to still document some of those things here!!
This past week i actually broke my phone on my run saturday morning and was without one until sunday afternoon. {gasp!} (it was one expensive lesson learned and looking back, i'm like DUH! but thankful for a new phone!!) It was strange to feel so disconnected and i definitely realized how much i've come to rely on my phone camera!! Here's a few of my fave recent Instagram pics....
there have been random men in and out of my yard spray painting & sticking flags for all kinds of different underground lines and we have yet to be given any explanation.  no idea what they are doing! (and i just noticed a random blue flag where there is no spray paint. i'm sure that was dylan! ha!)

my view while making snacks for the superbowl. be still my heart. i freakin' love these 3 little people!

i've been trying to experiment w/ different ways to wear scarves and i really liked this one!! 

got this amazingly sweet anonymous gift in the mail. NO idea who its from (which is driving me crazy!) but it so made my day!!  makes me want to think of some random fun anonymous ways i can bless some peeps....

shorts. short sleeves. ice cream truck. IN FEBRUARY!!  I can't decide if i think this is insanely stupid or crazy awesome!  I mean, i love me some windows open, sunny, breezy days.  but i also kind of enjoy colder weather. ya know? in WINTER!! the boys verdict??  crazy awesome! =)

A little peek into the random day to day of my blessed little family life!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!!
I'd love for you to follow along!  I'm @sassyaubs on instagram!
Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.
~Hebrews 4:16~



We aren't really fans of either team that made it to the superbowl this year, but we are big fans of football and good food so we headed over to our good friends house to watch the game and eat! =)
Or should i say that the guys watched the game and Veronica and I kept the kiddos controlled and ate! ha!  With 5 boys between us things tend to get a little crazy! 
i only managed to get pics of the food i made ~ spinach artichoke bites & ultimate sausage balls!

lil buddies eating their dinner! cuties!! (when it isn't humid out, dylans hair is CRAZY! ha!)

the hubby's all serious watching the game! =)

the big boys! there may or may not have been some phrase including the word fart said before this pic to get them to smile!  haha!! gotta love boys!
us!  we're so blessed by this friendship!

Not being a fan of either team, all i wanted was for it to be a good game and the second half didn't disappoint!!  We had a great time being with friends and eating yummy junk food and the kiddos wore each other out playing!!  It was a great night!  So, i've gotta know ~ what are your favorite game day snacks??!!

Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
~James 3:13~


Menu Monday

This is going to be a busy week for this chick!!  Between basketball practices, bootcamp, lots of dr appointments, basketball games ~ whew!  But i'm thankful that Colby is doing TONS better and i'm feeling especially blessed this week to have this sweet family of mine!  Here's what will fuel our crazy this week....
Tuesday ~ Tatertot Casserole
Wednesday ~ Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings w/ Green Beans
Thursday ~ Chili w/ Cornbread
Friday ~ Crockpot BBQ Chicken w/ Corn
Saturday ~ Tacos
Sunday ~ Leftovers (or maybe we'll get crazy and eat out!) ;)
Hope you are all enjoying your monday!!  Don't forget to tune into The Bachelor tonight AND tomorrow night!!! =)  You know where i'll be for the next 2 evenings!! And then you can hop over and visit Sean's sister (as in the Bachelor's sister!) and read her insider recap at Mix and Match Family!!  She's fun & fabulous and her family is sooo cute!! =)
You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.
~Isaiah 26:3~



I shared briefly here about an instagram challenge that i was participating in for the month of January.  A challenge to run 43 miles in the month of January and post some pictures along the way!  Here's some pictures from my running adventures....
got re-acquainted with this thing!

hubby surprised me and came home early one day so i was able to hit the streets for my run that day!

we had just finished 8.5 miles!!  my longest run EVER!!  *i was worthless the rest of the day but holy moly ~ i did that!!*
broke in some new shoes!

a 5k w/ these lovelies to finish the month!!

I have so many people say things like "send some of that energy & dedication this way" and while yes....i'm determined to get fit, lose this weight, and get back to the best me i can be, i have to give so much credit to the amazing friends i'm blessed with!!  They challenge me, motivate me and inspire me to keep going.  To push through each wall that tries to stand in my way.  To believe that every step i take in the right direction is one step closer.  And they remind me that no matter how many times i fall down, its getting back up and on track that matters! 
I did not quite make my goal of 43 miles but i did attend every scheduled bootcamp workout AND i ran 33 miles!  Y'all.  4 months ago?  I was sitting on the couch eating junk and disappointed in myself and how far out of control i had let my weight get.  I'm proud of how far i've come and i'm excited for a new month ~ new walls to knock down, obstacles to overcome & progress to be made!!
If you wanna follow along and maybe even cheer me on sometimes, i'm @sassyaubs on instagram!! (hint, hint) ha! =)