Happy Valentines Day....

...or something like that!

Life is a comedy around here right now.  And by comedy, i mean the type you just have to laugh at even though really?!  There isn't much funny about it!  Laugh or cry and i choose laugh.  Atleast right now!  There may or may not have been a good ugly cry last night, but i got it out and now i'm laughing. =)

Remember when i posted about the running challenge i was participating in on instagram?!  yeah.  about that.  This was my #48milesinFebruary post yesterday....

My knee.  In a brace.  Boo!!!  Diagnosis is partial MCL tear or severe MCL sprain. (i'm not convinced thats the correct diagnosis but thats a story for a different day...)  Either way no weight bearing exercise for 2 weeks then i can start back light and work up to where i was slowly and no running for 4 weeks.  Ugh.  I'm bummed in a major way but trying to just focus on the fact that not all is lost.  I get a few weeks to focus hard core on my arms & abs and thats not all bad right?!

So then last night after my 1st non weight bearing workout (read: ab slaying!), i jump in the shower and am very quickly realizing that i'm standing in ankle deep water, followed by the rudest craziest sounds coming from the toilet.  What in the world?   Turn off water and call for John.  Boys had just called him about their toilet making weird noises.  Oh, and there is mystery water in all 3 bathtubs.  Seriously?  Remember these little flags in our yard??

Well they've been digging the last couple of days so we were instantly suspicious that their digging was directly related to our issues.  Called the water company, they came out and from their quick assessment said they were pretty sure the main line was fine, it was our service line.  Awesome.  Water company back out this morning and after alot of big trucks and dudes up and down the street, they confirmed that it is not the main line.  The contractors hit our service line.  Call the rental agency who called the contracting company.  Long story short, we've been without water since last night.  Couldn't even rinse the dinner dishes. *STRESSES me out to have dirty dishes piled up*  There are 5 humans in this home and no working toilets ~ all i'm going to say about that is Mcdonalds isn't too far and we've visited.  *i DON'T DO public restrooms*  I'm slightly traumatized.  They are finally digging up the street right now to fix it ~ still don't know how long until we will have working water.  In the words of our favorite duck hunters ~ happy, happy, happy.
taken just a few minutes ago.....

We did give our little valentines their surprises this morning and my favorite valentine is home from work for the day which is always nice!  Our valentines dinner and cake may have to wait until tomorrow but the reality is?  I'm so blessed. 
litte surprises for my sweet little valentines!

we're tired, i'm in pain, we're in our raggedy bum around clothes but most of all?  i LOVE him & i'm so blessed by him!
This man of mine is such a blessing and i wouldn't choose to laugh thru days & weeks like this with anyone else! 
Happy Valentines Day!!
And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.
~1 Corinthians 13:13~  


Together We Save said...

I hope your knee is feeling better soon.

Lainey-Paney said...

Glad you can laugh, b/c I would totally be crying.
Going to Mickey-D's to pee? Ugh!

Hope your knee feels better soon and hope you get water back soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your knee is feeling better!

That's awful about the water! I hope that is totally fixed. I don't do public restrooms either.