I shared briefly here about an instagram challenge that i was participating in for the month of January.  A challenge to run 43 miles in the month of January and post some pictures along the way!  Here's some pictures from my running adventures....
got re-acquainted with this thing!

hubby surprised me and came home early one day so i was able to hit the streets for my run that day!

we had just finished 8.5 miles!!  my longest run EVER!!  *i was worthless the rest of the day but holy moly ~ i did that!!*
broke in some new shoes!

a 5k w/ these lovelies to finish the month!!

I have so many people say things like "send some of that energy & dedication this way" and while yes....i'm determined to get fit, lose this weight, and get back to the best me i can be, i have to give so much credit to the amazing friends i'm blessed with!!  They challenge me, motivate me and inspire me to keep going.  To push through each wall that tries to stand in my way.  To believe that every step i take in the right direction is one step closer.  And they remind me that no matter how many times i fall down, its getting back up and on track that matters! 
I did not quite make my goal of 43 miles but i did attend every scheduled bootcamp workout AND i ran 33 miles!  Y'all.  4 months ago?  I was sitting on the couch eating junk and disappointed in myself and how far out of control i had let my weight get.  I'm proud of how far i've come and i'm excited for a new month ~ new walls to knock down, obstacles to overcome & progress to be made!!
If you wanna follow along and maybe even cheer me on sometimes, i'm @sassyaubs on instagram!! (hint, hint) ha! =)

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