My Fitness Journey

Some of you were around back in 2009/10 when i began a journey to make big changes in my lifestyle and to live healthier and be more fit!  I was very successful and felt amazing!  Then in November of 2010 i found out i was pregnant w/ Dylan.  I had every intention of continuing my normal routine.  Then my doc told me what i knew would come, but i hoped it would be later in the pregnancy.  No exercise other than walking.  I was high risk and i knew that but i really hoped i could atleast run thru the 1st half.  Nope. 

I didn't necessarily like it, but i had to make the best of it.  So i started walking as often as i could.  Things were great until about 24 weeks along and i was contracting so much with walking that my doc said no more.  In order to stay off of bedrest and stay pregnant i needed to stick to only what it took to take care of my home & kiddos ~ nothing more.  {sigh}  We had prayed and waited so long for that baby and there was no way i was going to complain.  I was going to do what i had to do to stay pregnant as long as possible! (apparently i did a good job of it, b/c it was my longest pregnancy of them all!!!)

last pic before lil man was born. =)
I just accepted that i had lost the weight once and i could do it again!  I knew it would be tough for several reasons.  My body doesn't handle the after baby hormones well at all.  I could eat only an apple a day and pack on weight.  Not fun but it is what it is.  And?  I knew adding a 3rd baby was going to be a little more work. What I didn't know, was just how much more work!  =)

All of this to say that i let that after baby weight stay far too long.  I didn't make fitness a priority for far too long.  But then a few months ago, October 15th to be exact, i made up my mind i was going to do what i knew i needed to do.  I was going to fight thru the pain, the hard, the tired....thru every excuse that tried to seem valid and i was going to get fit.  I was going to get back to healthy eating and i joined Fixed on Fitness ~ an outdoor bootcamp program. 

I'm now in my 3rd session of bootcamp.  I get my rear end kicked 4 nights a week by my awesome trainer.  I've made some amazing friends.  I've struggled, i've cried, i've iced more muscles and gone thru more BioFreeze than i ever thought possible.  But also?  I've done things i never thought i could.  I've lost inches, body fat, weight.  I've gained priceless bonds with special friends.  I went from doing NOTHING to running 5 miles in 9 weeks.  And this weekend?  I'm running 8 miles.  I've never even considered that a possibility for me until now! 

I've got a long way to go.  But every time i fight the excuses and i make the right choice with my nutrition, every time i get in my car and drive to my workout when everything in me is screaming not to, every time i make those choices??  I am getting stronger.  I am getting healthier.  And i am getting closer and closer to being back to the best me that i can be and that feels amazing! 

There are a few different things that i am participating in to help keep me focused and motivated this year.  One of them is the #43milesinJanuary challege on instagram ~ i'm @sassyaubs on there if you want to follow along!  And i'll be sharing about a couple of others soon! 

I'm excited to share this journey with all of you! 

The fear of the Lord leads to life:  Then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
~Proverbs 19:23~

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