Asthma & Exhaustion

Our world has been ruled by this the last 5 days....

at the doc on wednesday.

back at the doc on friday. =(

meds. not pictured: nebulizer

Meds. Lots & Lots of meds.  And trips to the doctor.

Colby is having an asthma flare up, only he isn't responding to any meds.  We're exhausted and i just want answers and relief for my baby.  We'll be on our way back to the doc tomorrow.  Praying they can find more out about what is causing it and we can get him some relief soon.  I'm slightly delirious ~ i've been on the couch with him for the last 4 nights and any sleep i do manage to get between breathing treatments & worrying, is with one eye and two ears open. We'd appreciate prayer for wisdom at the doc office tomorrow and peace for this mama's heart! =)


Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, so sorry!
Asthma is so scary. It's like we kind of become immune to how scary it can be because so many kiddos have it....but it really can be sooooo scary!

Thinking of you guys and praying for this flare up to go away!

Anonymous said...

I am WAY behind on my blog reading. I really hope he is feeling better now! I originally went to school for Respiratory Therapy so I know exactly how scary asthma can be and how quickly it can turn serious.