We're Alive!

It has been a rough few weeks in our home.  But we are back in business, finally!! 
Right after my last post, one of  my best friends from high school (and middle school and elementary!) came to visit with her son!  We worked our tails off getting all kinds of things done around my house that I have been putting off or hadn't had time to do!  I can now officially say there are NO more boxes in my house!  Everything is unpacked, in its place and things all hung on the walls!  It feels so good to finally have it all done and I'm so so thankful for Tracy and all of her help!!
It was also so fun to see our boys all get along so well and begin to build a friendship!  One more thing that has been super special about moving back to Texas and being closer to friends and family!  We were sweaty and not so cute most of the weekend so no pics of us but I did manage to get one of the boys!
Cuties after my boys basketball games!
Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, Colby spiked a really high fever.  This began what has proven to be a long few weeks of sickness in our home!  Its gone a little something like this....
*Colby had an upper respiratory infection
*Brayden tested positive for Flu B
*I fought something for 8 days before finally going to the doc and getting a sinus infection diagnosis
*8 missed days of school between the boys
*over $150 spent on medicine in 2 weeks
*3 bottles of childrens advil & 2 bottles of tylenol
*one exhausted mama!!!
Colby at the doctor

poor buddy, Brayden was one sick dude!
sooo tired and finally headed to the doctor myself
In the interest of keeping it real, I now present what the laundry looks like when mama has been busy taking care of sick kiddos and being sick herself!  I just finally caught up with laundry yesterday!
yikes! and there was already a load in the washing machine....
So, after all the sickness, everyone was feeling well enough to head out to our church's community group dodgeball tournament!  My community group had a team and while I wasn't playing, I was excited to be there to cheer them on!  We all had so much fun and my group's team won the whole thing!!  So fun!!
best community group ever!!!!
Annddd, I'm so glad that we took advantage of the chance to get out of the house because the next day, Colby hurt his ankle during his basketball game and Brayden spiked a fever. Again. So on Monday, we were off to the doctor again!
I joked with the doctor that we were going to just rent a room! ha!
 Xrays were negative on Colby's ankle ~ just a nasty high ankle sprain.  And Brayden has a sinus infection.  Poor guy just can't catch a break!
I'm happy to report that Brayden went back to school today and that I can finally, for the first time since getting sick, say that I really feel like myself again!  I also feel like I have to give credit where credit is due and this cutie.....
has been such a champ thru all of this!  I'm so thankful that he was spared from all the sickness and he managed to make me smile even in the misery!
We have a busy few weeks ahead full of family & fun and we cant wait to kick it off next week with spring break!!