Happy Memorial Day

"And i'm proud to be an American, where atleast i know i'm free! And i won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and i proudly stand up....."

As i sat in church this morning listening to Colby along with his sunday school friends sing this song my eyes filled with tears. What an amazing honor to be an American citizen....to be blessed with the freedoms that we are. There are so many things that i could say.....as a matter of fact there are alot of things i want to say but i just can't seem to find the right words. My heart swells with pride every time i see my husband's uniforms hanging in our closet. Marrying a man in the United States Military has brought a whole new appreciation for the sacrifice that so many men, women, and families make every single day so that each of us can live and enjoy living in the land of the free. I could go on and on but i will end by saying that I am honored and i feel it a privilege to serve alongside my husband as the wife of a US Navy Sailor! I will gladly stand watch on the home front every single time duty calls and i will NEVER forget the ultimate sacrifice that so many men and women have made. Each and every life lost weighs heavy in my heart and i pray daily for the families left behind. It is my prayer that as we all enjoy this holiday weekend that we take time to reflect on the many lives lost....lives lost in the name of freedom.....lives lost for you and me. God Bless each one of their families and give them peace. I will never forget.......


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Erin said...

Great post Aubs. Is your hubby home?? I hope you two are enjoying each other and you forget all about this blog for a few days! :) Happy Homecoming - I am so excited for you - and the boys to have their Daddy home!! God Bless!