Mother's Day

I had an absolutely perfect day! The entire day was about everything that truly matters and i couldn't have asked for more.

The boys were incredibly sweet all day! Colby came running into my room first thing in the morning with a flower he had made me at school and to be honest, i'm not sure which is the better gift....the actual flower or the smile it brings to my face to see the pride in his eyes and the love that went into making the flower! And just to make sure Brayden didn't feel left out since he didn't have a gift to give, Colby whispered in his ear that he could give me big hugs and that would be a good gift! So stinkin sweet! We then all 3 cuddled in my bed and i was showered with hugs, kisses, and "happy mother's day mama"!!!!

After indulging in some cuddle time we were off to church where our pastor's message was about the sabbath day and how important it is that we take time to rest so that we can be all that God has intended us to be. Oh how easy it is for me to forget this and even to feel guilty sometimes when i feel like i just need a break.......but this is just another trap the enemy uses. The message couldn't have been more appropriate for most Mom's as well as most people and more importantly for ME!

After church we enjoyed brunch with a friend and then came home for nap time! And this incredibly unusual thing happened in our home....i actually lounged on the couch and watched P.S. I love you.....and it was amazingly refreshing. I loved the movie and truly enjoyed just laying there and watching it...without a thought of "maybe i should do the dishes" or "i really should get up and start a load of laundry".....i just allowed myself to enjoy the movie!

We went to Ashley's house so the boys could play with Hal'e and us Mom's could watch them enjoy being outside and then i was spoiled with a steak dinner at our neighbor's house!! Did you catch that......I didn't even have to cook dinner or clean up after it!!! What a great gift!!

And finally i have to share how amazing John was this year for Mother's Day! Not only did he find time to order flowers for me but he also sent a card for me and one to Colby that the boys both signed secretly and gave to me yesterday! What an amazing man....you see....alot of thought had to go into getting all of that accomplished from so far away. John....I love you more than words can begin to say and i am so blessed to have you to share this life with. You will never know just how much it means to me that you went to such great lengths to make sure i know how much you cherish my role as our sons' Mother. Thank you for your love, your support and the inspiration that you are to me! I can't wait have you home with us again!!

This mother's day was amazing....it was everything i could have wanted and more! Thank you so much to everyone who sent a card or email or comment to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! I just can't say it enough.....i am so incredibly blessed! I hope every Mommy out there was showered with love and truly enjoyed her day as much as I did!


Erin said...

So much catching up for me to do! I am glad you had a good Mother's Day. That was so sweet of your husband!

And the bday invites and Mother's Day card you made are fabulous! Do you always do the boys bdays together?

And your new purse is cute too. How long till your hubby is home? I'm sure it seems like it's both right around the corner and a million miles away!

Thanks for your kind words and prayers for my mom. This is her second battle with breast cancer. You can never have too much support!

~love said...

glad you had a great day! happy belated mother's day! =)

Aubs said...

Hi Erin! So far we have done the boys party together every year....their birhtdays are only 4 days apart and with Brayden being so young and not really having alot of his own friends it has worked nicely! After this year i am open to doing seperate parties if they wish...we will just have to see!

And John will be home in less than 2 weeks!!! I am really getting excited now and realizing how much i want to get done before he gets here!!