Field Trip Fun

John survived going along on the 1st grade field trip! They went to Deception Pass State Park and did a nature id hike! Hubby said it was pretty much organized chaos which i can only imagine with about 100 1st graders....CRAZY!! The kids all had lil id books the teachers made for them and they had to watch for different plants and objects along the way and check them off as they found them. Colby had a wonderful time and loved having his Daddy along for the fun! John had lots of comical stories to tell about the things the kids tried to get away with and things they did throughout the day! And he even managed to snap a few pictures....good job Daddy!! =)
Daddy & Colby heading out!

Colby & friends!

Playing on the beach!

John said they probably walked at least 3 miles by the end of the day and hubby was worn out!! The kids all loved it and had a great time which is what really matters! Although i'm a little jealous that i didn't get to go, i'm so very glad that Colby got to have this time with his Daddy. Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!!


Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, what GREAT fun.

I LOVED field trips as a kid. Loved them. What wonderful memories....

Erin said...

How fun for Colby! I'm impressed Dad took pictures too!