Where did spring go???

The weather today is far from spring like! =( Last weekend we were in short sleeves and sunglasses and this weekend it is jackets and umbrella's.....not so fun! But we made the best of it and headed out this morning to the monthly home depot kids workshop. As usual the boys had a good time and we were joined today by our good friends Ashley and baby Hal'e!!

Silly boys!

Hal'e was content to just play w/ a piece of wood!

Brayden taking a whack at it!

Me and my main men!

Smokey the Bear payed a visit!!

From there we were off to Colby's soccer game!!! It was the second game for the team but the first for Colby(as he missed last week because of the parade)!!! It was cold, wet and just plain miserable but the team did a great job. I was very proud of Colby for not complaining and doing his best even though the conditions were less than favorable!!

Go Blue Lightening....we heart # 7!!!

Colby's numero uno fan!

Colby in action!
Ashley & Hal'e braved the weather to cheer Colby on!

Me and Brayden

Brayden & his buddy Troy!

And one last bit of news from the Miculka homefront.......

We are in the final stretch of this deployment and while you would think it would be exciting....it can sometimes be the hardest part. Homecoming is so close yet so far away and most days feel like a week! God has been so incredibly good and I know he will continue to provide in every way we need but any prayers for continued strength for all of us and patience for me with the boys would be greatly appreciated. We can't wait to have John home with us again!!

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Erin said...

Stregnth and Patience are coming yor way! How much longer do you have?!!

Love your new profile pic too, BTW!

I am off to HomeDepot.com to find out if they have these workshops in my town! I want to do it with the girls!!