Together Again!

Yes yes....hubby is HOME!!!!! It was a tough 4 months but we are so blessed that he has made it home safely to us and are truly enjoying having him here!! =) And what a homecoming it was. (insert eyes rolling!) Hubby's plane was due to get in at midnight Monday night so i had a girlfriend coming over to stay at the house with the kids, i was going to pick him up and it was going to be a HUGE surprise tuesday morning when the kids woke up and Daddy was home!! However...God's plans were different than ours! I got to the air terminal on base around 11:45 to be told that the plane was delayed 2 hrs....YIKES....now he's not getting in until 2 in the morning. I honestly cannot remember the last time i was up at 2 in the morning unless it was with a sick child! So back to the house i go....i couldn't have my friend sitting at the house until 2am....what's a girl to do? Wake the boys up in the middle of the night of course and head back to the air terminal to wait....and wait.....and wait....oh the joys of military flights! =)

is he here yet???

watching Shrek and waiting....

Needless to say it was almost 3am by the time we got home and got the boys back to sleep! Although not ideal....i wouldn't trade his homecoming for the world!! Now we face re-integration which can be challenging. He's changed, i've changed, the boys have changed and we have to learn how to be a family again. Most definitely not easy but a challenge i cherish! For if i wasn't faced with this challenge it would mean he hadn't come home to us. We are so very blessed to face this next couple of weeks of learning and growing as a family again!


Lainey-Paney said...

congratulations on your hubby being home!!!!!


Erin said...

SO!!!! Happy for you all. Looking forward to some family pics! Have fun together.