If you're Happy and you know it.....

Then your face will surely show it!!

Today has been a great day! Don't you just love days when everything goes right......when you just have a GREAT day??? Today was my day!

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend Sarah and I threw a baby shower for our dear friend Crystal. Being the complete sweetheart that she is, Crystal got us gift certificates for pedicures to thank us!! So a BIG thank you to Crystal! Sarah and I took some time today for a little relaxation and pampering and got our pedicures done!! It was much needed and very much appreciated!! And a peek at my newly painted and pampered piggies......

Then when I got home from my pedicure and picking up the kiddos there was flowers waiting for me on the front porch!! John sent flowers for Mothers Day!!! It isn't easy for him to get access to regular internet on the boat so it means that much more that he carved out the time to order them!! I love this man more than words could ever begin to say and CANNOT wait to have him home with us! Here are a few of my fave flowers from the bunch!

And to top it all off the boys were just so sweet and wanted to help in any way they could! I love these little guys! Here they are bringing the trash can back up to the house....such big helpers!

I am so very blessed! Today has left me feeling loved, adored, pampered, special and just plain fabulous!


Courtney Zinke said...

We've been keeping up with your blog for the last couple of months, and I have to say, I'm thrilled that you guys are going to be moving closer to home. I bet John's mom is thrilled! The boys are absolutely beautiful... and it looks like they're blessed with a phenomenal mom.

I accidentally posted this to the wrong blog post originally. Here's where I meant to put it.

ourcrazybeautifullife said...

Your toes are super duper cute!