Mission Complete!

In honor of the fact that we are FINALLY done unpacking, i thought i would share some pictures of my two favorite little people and the fun they had with ALL the boxes around here that first couple of weeks after moving in!

They built ALOT of forts made entirely of packing paper and boxes! Here is one of them...

And of course....what are two BOYS going to do with that fort when done playing in it?? DESTROY it!!

And another favorite was to play made up games inside HUGE empty wardrobe boxes!! Here they are in one of their "secret" spots!

They really did make the best of being stuck in the house with stuff EVERYWHERE and parents who were doing their best to juggle unpacking and trying to get into a routine while still being parents!! Now if only i could make the broken down boxes magically disappear from the garage....... ;)


Erin said...

Cute post. Looks like the boys were very creative. I love the "destroying" pictures!

When out of town relatives send us packages....I always laugh how my kids play more with the big mailing box than with the toy that came inside!

Congratulations on being done unpacking! That was fast, I think. Considering you still had to function in between :)

April said...

Your boys are precious...BUT, the very sight of all those boxes and packing papers makes my skin crawl! We'll be moving in the summer of 2010 and it will be our 7th move in 19 years of marriage! I just want to find a place where I can hang my hat for a very long time and call it HOME!

They are fun to play in, though!♥

Anonymous said...

I remember being just like that. I grew up with boys so building forts was a must. They look like they had so much fun. Congrats on getting all of your unpacking done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we love forts around here too. It keeps them occupied while I do my "mommy" things. :)

They are too cute.

**Love the colors of your background! :

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just popped over from ScrapperMom. I have two boys of a similar age to yours, so I can well imagine the fun yours would have had with all those boxes. I brought something home the other week in a large box, and they hid in it and wrestled in it, until finally it got flattened and then they drew road tracks all over it, and has occupied them and pleased them no end!!! Who needs toys, hah!;) Enjoy the weekend. Naomi

~love said...

cute...and fun! good job unpacking! i know it can be overwhelming sometimes!

hope you're enjoying your weekend!! = )