Happy Rainy Day

Just a quick peek into another sunny florida day.....

Ha! Or not! It's raining and dreary and yucky outside. (and yes i realize that landscaping looks horrible-its an upcoming project) I'm beginning to wonder how in the world i learned to function when this was my everyday for months on end in Washington. I'm tired and then add this weather into the mix and i'm just not motivated at all. I went grocery shopping this morning and it took everything in me to make myself do it. Seriously. I even sat in the car in the parking lot for a few minutes contemplating just going back home. haha....that's pretty bad! And then here is the best part of my day thus far~ picture this...I'm sitting here reading blogs and listening to the rain hit the pavement. Hubby and Brayden are snoring in Brayden's room down the hall. (hubby starts a new work schedule today so he is trying to get a lil sleep before his late night) I am fighting the urge to go lay down on the couch and find some sappy lifetime movie to get lost in, knowing that i will end up asleep. And then i decide that i am not giving into this unmotivation....i am going to sweat some calories away with the wii fit. Off i go to get it all set up and i realize that the controller i need is no where to be found. Hahaha!!! Of course this would happen! I've looked everywhere. I must wait till Colby gets home from school to find out where he might have hidden it. And perhaps my biggest achievement of the whole day is that i am choosing to find this hilarious when i would usually be frustrated. Rainy weather~you will not get me down today! Missing wii controller~ you're not gettin' to me either! I'm choosing to be happy and to not let these circumstances get to me. This is a semi New Years resolution if you want to call it that. This is something that doesn't come easy for me. I very easily get sucked into circumstances and let them rule my emotions. But not for long.....i've made it my goal to be more intentionally aware of this and to deny circumstance that power! I've got a long way to go and it is far from easy, but today is a small victory for me~on a day that i would have typically thrown in the towel and said forget it i am refusing to do that! So here's to a happy rest of this rainy day!

And lets not forget what's on tonight!! I've got a hot date with the Bachelor tonight! Do you??


April said...

Keep hangin' in there and don't lose your motivation...you can succeed!

I can't wait for The Bachelor...I'll be sure to check your wrap-up in the morning! You never disappoint...nor does Scrapper Mom! :)

Liz said...

Hope you had fun watching The Bachelor.

I have had days just like yours. Hang in there!