Hometown Dates

Well well...last nights episode surely did not disappoint! Have i mentioned lately that i love this show?!? Cause i do! And this is where is starts to get hard. Why? Well because, you all know i love Mel! But early on i was really really liking Jillian and after last night i'm torn. I really like both of them. So whichever one of them he chooses I will be soooo happy for but my heart will break for the other one! But anyway....my thoughts on each of the dates!

Jillian~ Loved her family and loved their story of sticking together when the going gets tough. I think she has a true understanding of "for better or worse" and is really committed to finding the one! Her family was a hoot and hands down i think he got along with her family the best! If his decision was based solely on family than ladies, there would be no question about who his lucky lady is in the end! My favorite from Jill's family was the Canadian boxers...sooo funny!

Molly~ Like i said last week there is just something missing there. Its actually starting to drive me NUTS cause i can't quite put my finger on it. And i still felt that way last night. Her family was nice. Her mom seems like alot of fun.....quirky but fun! The hat thing was kind of awkward but not as bad as it could have been! The picture thing was funny......we all learned art is not his strong point but he did alot better than i could have! I was cracking up and i love that he just goes with the flow and has fun doing it! I think Molly gets her lack of emotion from her dad for sure! And maybe thats part of what is missing there....uugghh...i just don't know. I want to like the two of them together but i just don't see it. I love Molly but just don't think she's the one for Jason.

Naomi~ Oh my. Where to even start?! The hula hoop thing was hilarious. Loved that but then it all went down hill from there! Dead dove. Need i say more??? STRANGE. Awkward. Was that woman serious?!? Her Mom was a little out there and again i have to say that i love Jason's facial expressions...much like me...he cannot hide what he is thinking! The time he spent talking to her Mom was probably the most awkward moment of this entire show. And then could her mom and dad be any more opposite? The conversations there were polar opposites. The whole date was just awkward. And last but not least...

Melissa~ My heart was breaking for her. Thats a tough one! Jason is certainly old fashioned in that he will have a really hard time proposing without meeting her parents. But i do think that the time spent with her friends was about the next best thing. I think that he atleast got a window into who she is so it wasn't a total loss. Her friends all seemed really sweet and he seemed to get along well with all of them! I still really like her and feel like when it comes down to it he will pick whoever he is in love with. And if thats Mel than he will still choose her. And i hope it is Mel, but we will see! And i have to say that the tooth fairy box with the money's was tooooo cute! And i think it really showed how much she cares for not just Jason, but for Ty as well!

All in all i think it was a great episode! I was not at all surprised by his choice to say goodbye to Naomi. She is super sweet but i don't think she completely grasped what a life with him would mean and i think he was right to want to not "clip her wings" as he put it.

New Zealand for the overnight dates.....should be fun! And i have to admit that all this time i've been secretly hoping that Deanna was coming back like as a friend to him (yes i know its a stretch but darn it i didn't want to think any less of her) but after last nights previews i do not think that is the case. If she is coming back to try to win him back i'm going to lose all respect for her. She knows how much emotion is involved at this point in the process and to jump into the mix at this point is just wrong! Dang! Is it monday yet?? I've got to know what this is all about!

I really don't know how next week will go......if i had to choose who the final two will be i think i would say Melissa and Jillian but i'm not 100% confident with that! What about you?? Who do you think it will be and why?? Can't wait to see who's right!!


Erin said...

After last night I TOTALLY want him to pick Jillian. I think Melissa still has some serious stuff to work out. She's never been with a guy who's treated her right...so obviously she's going to love Jason. And in the previews - how she still hasn't talked to her parents next week?! Too much baggage going on there for me to like her the best.

Ditto all your thoughts on Molly and Naomi. Naomi's mom was so out there. But I think Jason could've gotten past all that if he really liked her.

And DOUBLE DITTO on your thoughts on DeAnna - but I thought from the beginning she was going to come back and make it all about her. That just the way she is.I just can't believe she comes back NOW - this late in the process, on the overnight dates in NEW ZEALAND no less. So lame. I really hope that scene where they show Jason bawling on the balcony is not over DeAnna! Even tho they are making it look like he is. I really hope he hears her out and sends her on her way.

Remember how hurt she was by Brad and wanted that second chance to try and change his mind. She's doing the same thing with Jason - but she was the one who said Goodbye in the first place!

UGH - Can't wait till next Monday!

April said...

Yes, it was a good episode...I was not disappointed or surprised! I expected for Jason to send Naomi packing...her mom was a bit loopy! Fun, but loopy! Not sure if that had anything to do with his decision. I, too, felt bad for Melissa. If her parents don't meet Jason, that might cause him to avoid choosing her for his final two. I think Jillian is a doll! She is my favorite, hand's down. Her family was too cute!

I cannot wait until next week!