25 Random Things

So i have been tagged several times on facebook and have seen a couple of bloggy friends do this meme on their blogs so i caved and gave it a try! It has been more difficult than i imagined it would be to come up with 25 random things about me ~ i really don't give myself that much thought very often i suppose. Anyhow~here it goes~ 25 random things about yours truly!

*1. I *heart* willow tree angels and figurines!

*2. I'm slightly ocd - my hubby may disagree w/ the slightly part....

*3. I'm a BIG time smell person - my first instinct when i pick something up is to smell it

*4. I LOVE circle e candles - L.O.V.E. them!

*5. I have, in recent years, become chronically indecisive. I can't stand this about myself but haven't the slightest idea how to change it.

*6. I grew up in the country and one of the biggest things i learned is that country life is not for me!

*7. I don't iron clothes. EVER. When i try it makes more wrinkles. God is so good to me~there is a wrinkle release cycle on our dryer.

*8. I love music~country, alternative, hip hop, oldies, praise and worship~it just has a special way of lifting my spirits

*9. I have incredibly THICK hair. Even hair stylists tell me i have too much. I pretty much have a hate relationship w/ my hair.

*10. I don't do ocean swimming. NO WAY! There is too many things in there that can hurt you and i am convinced its not meant to be swam in.

*11. I have a cricket phobia - think heart racing, beads of sweat, tears - yeah. that kind of phobia. I want to ask God what a cricket's purpose is.

*12. I don't eat meat off the bone. My husband doesn't get it but there is just something bothersome about it for me. I just can't make myself do it.

*13. Driving in tunnels and flying on airplanes = nightmares for me. Not even quite sure what it is about either of them that freaks me out. It just does.

*14. I'm a reality tv slut and not a bit ashamed of it! I love it! And i'm gonna throw a shout out to my girl Erin~she gets it! ;)

*15. I'm a control freak. this is a bad thing. A bad bad thing indeed.

*16. I love to read. My two all time favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Karen Kingsbury. I've yet to find a book by either of them that has disappointed.

*17. When i drive by street lights they often go out. Its spooky and strange.

*18. I have just a tiny little addiction to pogo! Yes i have the membership and yes i realize i'm a nerd!

*19. I love word finds but can't stand crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are like torture for me.

*20. I'm an air force brat and swore i would never marry a man in the military! Ha! I'm pretty sure God got a good chuckle in on my wedding day! =)

*21. I played tennis and was on on dance team in high school. Please don't ask me to dance or pick up a racket now. It would either be scary or fantastic entertainment at my expense!!

*22. My first job was at Chick fil a! Heavenly i tell ya~amazing food fo' free!

*23. I rarely stay awake during a movie and it drives me CRAZY! I usually end up taking several days to watch a whole movie....soooo annoying!

*24. In high school, me and a girlfriend once stayed up ALL night watching Grease over and over and memorizing all the words to each song. Hey~didn't i already tell you what a nerd i am!

*25. I broke my jaw my senior year of high school in a fence jumping incident gone wrong. I have some pretty rad hardware holding it all together now and its only a matter of time before arthritis sets in. Something to look forward to huh?!

So there ya have it! Way more random junk about me than you probably ever really wanted to know! But i'm dying to know....did anything really surprise you?? make you laugh?? Please do share.....i'd love to know which one of these factoids stood out the most to you!!


Anonymous said...

I am with you on #16. Those are two great authors!

April said...

I fall asleep all the time in movies and I collect Willow Tree figurines! How funny! You had a job at Chick Fil-A...oh, you lucky thang!!!

Erin said...

#12 totally made me laugh! Me too - I'm not a fan of ribs, chicken legs...I can't explain it, I'd just rather not! Too funny!

We can be sluts together, I wont tell. Home town dates tonight!! XOXO