Wow. I am in a little bit of shock over last night's Bachelor episode! For the most part i have been pretty good at predicting how things would go, who he would send home, etc. Last night...i was soooo wrong and in shock at the end! I really, truly thought it would come down to Jillian and Melissa in the end. Jillian is such a sweetheart~she's gorgeous, fun, outgoing, comes from a great family and so much more. Anyway....here are my thoughts on each date......

*Jillian's date with him could have been so romantic. It seemed like they had fun but deep down i think i kind of sensed that maybe something wasn't quite right. All the "friend" talk sent up a little red flag but i still didn't see that ending coming. She looked AMAZING at the rose ceremony and it broke my heart to see the hurt in her eyes.

*Molly's date was good. The bungee jumping was CRAZY.....i really don't think i could do that but it seemed like they had a good time doing it! And her list of questions was fun but i still just don't see it with them. Hubby hasn't really been consistently watching and even he looked up from the laptop during Jason and Molly's dinner and commented on how it just seemed like there was awkward friction there. When she was trying to tell him how she felt it seemed to me like she was trying to convince herself as much as him. Anybody else feel that way??

*And then there is Melissa. Their date was great as always. The chemistry between them is easy....its just there and i never feel like either of them is having to force it or work at it. I was glad to see them atleast talk about the parent subject again....thats such a tough one but i agree with Jason that he's not marrying a girl's parents and truly there's nothing they could say or do to change how he feels about Melissa. I'm definitely hoping it will be Melissa in the end!

Now....lets get to the really good stuff. The first shocker was him choosing Molly over Jillian. Even after the dates i felt like there was just more there with Jill than with Molly so i really didn't see that one coming. And then there was the previews of the finale. The whole Deanna thing is just getting irritating.....but i'm ready to see what in the world she is doing there. She didn't seem very emotional so i'm still holding out hope that she isn't there trying to win him back...we'll see. But what about the previews for the after the final rose??!! Isn't that usually taped live?? And what is "so emotionally hurtful" that they have to keep it as private and intimate as possible?? Did the happy couple already split? But that has happened before and they didn't make all that fuss about it. Any ideas?? What do you ladies think is going on here??? This 2 week wait is going to just about kill me but the Women Tell All should be fun next week!! Can't wait to hear all of your thoughts on last night!!


April said...

Oh, my goodness....my jaw about dropped clear to the floor when he let Jillian go! I couldn't believe it!!! I definitely don't think she saw it coming, either! What she said to him after the fact was so sweet, especially about her dream. My heart just broke for her! I think Jason may have made a BIG mistake.

Melissa is beginning to get on my nerves a bit with that giggle of hers. It's almost like she's doing it on purpose to appear even more cute.

I like Molly and they do seem to have a connection, but the jury's still out for me.

How in the world are we going to be able to wait 2 weeks to find out what is "so emotionally hurtful"? Do you think that Jason gets back with Deanna and they're going to confront Mel and Molly? I can't take this suspense...oh, the agony of it all!!!!

~love said...

seriously, i couldn't believe he let jillian go. =( i'm thinking it must be molly...because they always make it look like the opposite person & i'm not seeing it w/ molly.
i don't know what could be so emotionally hurtful. i'm dying to hear it all. i think its a definite possibility that he takes deanna back. i wanted her to pick him so badly the 1st time....but i'm going to feel terrible for mel and molly if that's true.
and just for little tidbits that i'd be saying if i were actually watching w/ you...
i can't stand hearing melissa say "absolutely" anymore.
molly is gorgeous, but needs help w/ her hair!!
jillian did look amazing....loved her dress, heels and hair. but, i detested the go-go boots w/ her dress THEN with her bikini, too!!! wow. that dress would've been so much cuter w/ a super cute pair of flats.
okay, i'm done. =)

Aubs said...


haha...love the tidbits you'd say if you were watching w/ me!! So funny! i'm so glad i'm not the only one who noticed the boots w/ the bikini...ha! And i totally agree that the boots weren't the best pick for the dress and Molly's hair does need some help!! I haven't even noticed the "absolutely" but will have to pay more attention now! So fun! Wish we were closer so we could watch it together!!

Erin said...

I swear - this show is going to give me an ulcer. Sad...

If her ends up going back to DeAnna - I'm never watching this show again.

I was floored he let go of Jillian. I could sense at the beginning of their date that is wasn't so romantic - more friends - but then the whole hot tub scene...."Friends" don't make out like that! On national television none the less.

I felt so bad for her when he let her go and she was still saying "Im in love with you" "I dream about us" ugh...so sad.

If he picks Molly too, I'll be pissed. I hate how they edit the show to make you like the wrong one. I totally did that with Trista. But I guess it's good for setting that girl up to be the next Bachelorette!

I was thinking maybe he goes with DeAnna - then changes his mind and that why they have the 2nd After the Final Rose....DeAnna couldn't really be pissed...she did it to Jesse.

Oh the agony waiting 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Ok... I finally tuned into this show to see what all of the hype is about. Now mind you, that I am working, dealing with patients, and watching this show all at the same time. So, I miss a lot. It's a pretty good show but since I am tuning in at the end I am a little lost. I will catch on better next season. Thanks for getting me addicted to another reality show.... LOL. Like The Amazing Race & The Biggest Loser wasn't enough....

Scrapper Mom said...

Oh, I'm with ya'll.....such agony. I was pretty surprised by Jill going home too. I really like Melissa over Molly, but the "absolutely" totally gets on my nerves too!