That title pretty much says all there is to say about how i feel after watching last nights Bachelor events unfold. I dont even know where to start but i guess i will begin with a few thoughts about the finale and then dig into the ATFR special.

The finale was actually good. Even though i knew he was going to choose Melissa it was still enjoyable to watch it unfold. The Deanna bit was all for show and really awkward....a total letdown but whatever! Even after last night's finale i just didn't see it with Molly. Were they attracted to each other? Absolutely. But was there much beyond that?? If there was than the producers did a fabulous job of not showing it. I thought the proposal was really sweet and it was fun to watch them all together afterwards. I just really wish that it would have all ended with that!

But it didn't. And the after the final rose was sickening. Do i believe that the whole thing was scripted?? No. I truly don't. I think it was all just Jason changing his mind. With that said there is absolutely NO reason to do something like that on tv. He completely disrespected Melissa and i lost all respect for him. He could have easily done that in private and they could have done a special where they spoke to them separately and presented the information. Melissa deserves better than someone who would do that to her. My own personal feeling is that Jason didn't even give his and Melissa's relationship a fair chance. He jumped ship the second it got hard and i'm so glad that Melissa called him on that. Of course you still have feelings for Molly.....that doesn't go away over night and when you are watching the show over and reliving that over again i can see where it would be hard to not think about her. BUT that doesn't mean you throw in the towel and go running back. And then there is the whole next part with Molly. I don't believe for one second that he had not been talking to Molly. She put on a horrible surprised act. She wasn't very surprised at all.....and she sure changed gears from utter shock to playing tonsil hockey pretty quickly. The only other thing i am going to say (because i might just go off and say some really ugly things if i don't just cut this off!) is that i dont see it with Molly. I will not be the least bit surprised to hear of their break up. Maybe tonight's 2nd part of the after the final rose will sway that thinking but i'm doubtful.

To sum it up i'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that ABC thought it acceptable to allow that kind of humiliation for Melissa on national television. Did she sign on for a reality tv show? Yes. That does not mean they had to handle the situation the way they did. And most of all i'm disappointed that Jason just isn't the sweet, sensitive dad they made him out to be. There was nothing sensitive AT ALL about the way things were handled. While maybe he can't help the way he feels he CAN control how those feelings are played out.

What are everyone else's thoughts?? Shocked? Ok with it? Not so ok with it?? What are you thinking???? If the rumors are again true tonight, then they will be announcing that Jillian is the next bachelorette! Will you be tuning in for that if its true?? I'm gonna miss the tuesday bach chats!! Can't wait to hear what everyone is thinking!

ps...Sarah is on her way back to seattle. =( What a blessing this weekend w/her was....i will be posting about it soon!


Erin said...

I didn't think Molly looked too "schocked" either. And then a telling point:

When Jason said "People just have to know that we are following our hearts, even if they don't like it"

HELLO! Molly hadn't even really given him and answer yet about what she wanted and he was already saying "WE"

They were so talking before last night. I thought the same thing as you when she went from "Well, I have some questions" to "Let's make-out"!!!

I heard that part of going on the show is you agree, if you are one of the final 2, that you HAVE to do an on the air AFTER show. So that could have been why Melissa did it.

I also thought she gave up the ring pretty fast. I would have kept it, lying Bastard!! What is he going to do with it? Give it to Molly? Weird.

I am looking forward to tonight - just for some answers and closure. And sadly, YES - I will tune in if Jillian is the next "ette"


Russ and Erin said...

So Russ and I watched too, we liked the final rose and were happy about how it all turned out.
But then we were also really annoyed at the producers for being so insensitive to melissa. But I will say that what she said in the Limo afterwards was a reminder of how awesome and special she really is.She is a tropper and if I were her I would have loved to slap him, haha.
And I have to say the "water works" used to be cute with Jason and sweet but seriously it became annoying.We got sick of the bawling!
And his poor son, sheesh I hope he dosnt grow up to be a wonanizer. What a great example dad has left behind. I mean ya follow your heart but, trample on special people to that? Dont know about that.
Oh and maybe he thinks well if it dosnt work out with Molly then I can totally go back to Deana, ewwww!

April said...

Ok, girl...I COULD NOT believe the audacity of that dirt bag (forgive me!)Jason last night! What was that man thinking??? I am so done with him right now, it's not even funny!

I completely agree...Molly was totatlly faking her look of "surpris" by Jason's news. Didn't believe her for a single second! She went from one spectrum, like you said, of wanting to give things a try, to practically making a baby with him right there on national TV! I felt so bad for Melissa, bless her heart! She deserves so much better! When the season began, I really thought that Jason was going to be quite the find for one lucky girl. I hate to say this, but I pity the one who ends up with him! I know, that's awful of me!

You do know what's supposed to happen on tonight's show, don't you? Apparently, Jason dumps Molly, AGAIN...and goes for Melissa! Oh, you know I'll be tuning in...I'm sure we'll talk about it tomorrow!

Glad you had fun with your friend! I know you hated to see her leave.

smallmoments said...

So Nathan and I totally don't watch this show, but we watched last night because of the endless hype. Nathan was paying attention much more than I was. Personally I think finding true love in a very unrealistic situation is very unlikely. Anyway.....

Not having watched everything unfold I found the whole after rose show to be quite fake. If some man told me after he proposed that he had changed his mind I think I might have shown a little more emotion. I think she knew it was coming. I think he is an idiot. I think the show producers didn't show much class in airing it. And I agree that the other girl so knew it was coming. Why else would she keep saying that she had been waiting and hoping he would call her and say he had made a mistake and changed his mind?

And I will say this...I don't know the situation with his son...but if I was his ex-wife there is no way I would have let my son be part of this show or process. Of course...I don't know if his mother is around or alive or whatever...but I am just throwing that in there.

I was curious to see what you thought because I know you love the show.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't watch it. I hate trying to get into something as it's nearing the end. But from what I've been reading Jason is a jerk. I will definitely try to watch the next season.

~love said...

okay...i agree with some...but have a little different take on it.

i am definitely disappointed that he PROPOSED to melissa. and i don't enjoy that he broke up w/ her on national TV. but, i think the breaking up with her on TV had to have been contractually bound. i don't believe jason would've done that if he didn't HAVE to.

aside from those 2 things...i don't really have an issue w/ it. i think it took a lot of courage and a lot of integrity to "change his mind." i think a lot of people would've just let it play out and ended up divorced a year later. i appreciate that he allows everyone to have ownership of their feelings. ("they have every right to be mad.") and i believe that he should be allowed his feelings.

i think possibly some people could have a valid point that he "gave up" when it got rough. but, then we didn't live it. it had been 6 weeks...how do we know how much he tried in that 6 weeks? i have definitely been in a new relationship before that was fun, exciting and "perfect"...yet at some point realized that it just wasn't going to work. thank god i had the courage to get the heck out of there....there was someone much for perfect planned for me.

it be perfectly honest, i don't see it w/ molly either.....but if she's the one, i wish them the best! i hate that people instantly have a pre-conceived notion about her now....our words have such power and people are saying terrible things about her. (without *really* knowing her at all.)

maybe i give the benefit of the doubt too much, but i just think overall people are "good." if i'm wrong....oh, well...THEY have to deal with that! i'm most disappointed in ABC, i think.

Red said...

okay...i'm just gonna say that i am glad that i was there to watch it with you...i guess though that Jimmy watched it all by himself...crazy huh? You do know all my thoughts so i won't go on and on...i guess right now i just want to be over it (although i would still love to run into him (and I guess Molly) someday..... and as much as i say i don't want to "get into it again" i loved Jillian and i suspect that i will be chatting with you every Tuesday morning starting in May...hahaha....or EH!!!that is Canadian speak if you didn't catch it:)