Laughter. Lots and Lots of Laughter. Talking. Very Little Sleep. Junk Food. Fast Food. Sonic Limeaides. Lots of Sonic Limeaides. Memories Made. 5 Finger Discounts and Lost Cars. Shopping. More Laughter.

Sarah's visit was all of this and so much more. There just aren't words that can tell the story of what a blessing her visit was to me. God is so good and this time with Sarah was just the pick me up i needed. I laughed more in those 3 days than i have in months! It all started when i picked her up at the airport Saturday morning w/ starbucks in hand! We went strait to Target and then the mall. We sat at the food court for probably an hour just talking and enjoying each other's company. Then we went to Gap. I found a couple of shirts i wanted to try on so i held on to them while we chatted and looked around some more. And then we WALKED OUT. And walked ACROSS the mall before i even noticed that i still had those 2 shirts. HA! We almost peed ourselves laughing. And the best part was that NOBODY even said anything. Its not like they were hidden at all! We were just busy talking and catching up or maybe i'm just an airhead but either way it was HILARIOUS!! And of course we had to have a picture so here i am right before going back into Gap to actually try the shirts on!

After the mall we landed back at the casa for a pit stop and so that Sarah could say hi to the boys and John! We relaxed for a few hours and then headed to Kohls. Let me start by telling you that the parking lot was EMPTY when we parked. So we shopped and then we walked out to leave and the car was NO WHERE to be found in that empty parking lot. And what do any sensible chicks do when they realize the car seriously is NOT there??? We laughed. UNCONTROLLABLY!! And about the time we realized that we might actually have to call the police because the car was GONE....Sarah looked over and realized that we were on the wrong side of the parking lot. And then?? We really lost it laughing. I would have loved to be a spectator watching all of this take place. I don't think i will EVER be able to look back on either of those memories w/o giggling. Laughter truly is the BEST medicine!

On sunday morning we were blessed to share in hearing a wonderfully challenging and relevant message at church followed by lunch out with the whole family. Then we headed to the beach for some family pictures. I don't know if i've ever mentioned it but Sarah is a photographer! So even though the weather didn't exactly cooperate we figured we would give it a try. It was windy and relentlessly sunny which made for ALOT of shots with hair in someone's face or someone squinting! But we managed to get a few good shots and we had alot of fun! That evening we talked and watched tv and pretty much got lost in the world that is the couch!!

Monday brought lots of relaxing and running a few errands. And of course too much time spent on the internet over analyzing bachelor clips and looking forward to the finale!! After a trip to the store for a junk food refill, sonic for what had to have been the 6th or 7th time in 3 days, showers and getting in our jammies we settled in for the 3 hr Bachelor marathon. And then another hour of talking about it and analyzing it before we decided we better get some sleep before that 4:30 am alarm went off to get Sarah to the airport!

Sarah~ thank you so much for coming! Our friendship is truly priceless and i am so incredibly grateful for those 3 days of memories made. Thank you for who you are-for your forever selflessness and love. I'm so incredibly blessed to have you in my life, near or far! Should we buy lottery tickets and hope for a win so we can be together for the bachelorette finale?? Ha!! Countdown to Times Square has begun so you better be good!!

"A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope."


April said...

What a great friend you've found...sounds like you had a blast!!! Love all your pictures...you two look a lot alike! I'm sure you'll be friends for LIFE!

Erin said...

So glad you had a blast! Thanks for sharing all your fun times - I laughed at the five finger discount! Can I come to Time Square too? :)

Girlfriend time is the best!

Holly said...

Looks like an awesome time! LOL at you accidentally walking out of the shop with the shirts! I'm surprised nobody chased after you to accuse you of shoplifting! Were there no security doors to go through? :O

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

~love said...

so glad you all had such a good time...what a blessing!
are you doing times square for new year?!

Becca said...

It sounds like you had a great time. It is so nice when you have someone you can laugh with! I love the part when you thought that your car was missing. Perhaps I love it because my mother in la and I have done the same thing before! Oh and stealing from the GAP was a riot too!


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Aubs said...

Love~ I wish it was for new years!!! We are going to NYC next june along with a few other good friends from Washington!!

Red said...

I can't believe that it took me this long to read your updated blog...i actually just woke Jimmy up laughing....i will NEVER not laugh when i think of our weekend...i love you with all my heart...you are a sister in every way but blood and i feel blessed that you chose me to spend the weekend with--thank you!!!! And I too will eventually get "my take" on the weekend up on my blog---although we are practically one mind so I can't imagine I will say much different.. NEW YORK...here we come!!!!!Love you!!!!