Goin' for a Ride

The last couple of weeks we have had a little boys dream in our garage! Our good friend, Seth, went out of town and we "babysat" his bike! The boys were beside themselves when they went in the garage and saw it!! I've never seen two kiddos so excited to sit on something.....i'm pretty sure they sat on the motorcycle atleast once a day the whole time it was here! Then on Sunday, Seth came to get the bike and took the boys each for a ride!! They could hardly contain their excitement! Selfishly i was hoping it would scare them and they wouldn't ever want to ride one again but of course that wasn't the case! They both LOVED it! Here are a couple pics of our little motorcycle fanatics!!

Of course they just went around the neighborhood so they didn't go very fast but i'm sure either of them would have happily gone faster! I do believe we have two lil men with NO FEAR of speed which makes the forecast for their teenage years just a little bit SCARY for me!! Thank goodness i have a few years before i have to face that fear!! As much as motorcycles scare me as a mom i loved how much fun they had!

Seth~thank you so much for being such a wonderful role model for these little guys of ours who adore you! They loved their ride on sunday and are looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

ps~just in case you're wondering....i do realize that i totally over use the exclamation mark!!!! =) i guess i'm just an excitable girl cause a period just doesn't do the sentence justice in my mind. haha!


April said...

Such a cute story...I can just imagine how your sons think Seth's the "coolest of cool". Love the pictures of them on his bike...I'd love to go for a ride on it, too! :) Hey, as you know, I use exclamations all the time!!! LOL!

Did you catch Melissa on "Dancing With The Stars" last night? She was good! Right in your face, Jason! :)

Erin said...

You're last sentence totally made me laugh. I am always going back thru my posts before I publish and changing my !!! to .

Because I think to myself - "Everyone is going to think I'm a spaz....like I go around cheering my sentences or something!"

LOVE you!

Aubs said...

April~ I DID see Melissa on DWTS last night and i think she did an AMAZING job w/ only 2 days to learn the routine! There are a couple of others that looked really good too...its gonna be a good season!

Erin~ now i'm going to envision myself cheering everything i type from now on! CRACK ME UP....blogging will be that much more fun now! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I am sure that they were so excited!

~love said...

i used to love the thrill of a guy w/ a bike....ugh! now it makes me sick to think of the girls on one someday!

i'm so glad that i have Someone much bigger than me in charge!!

glad they had a good time!! = )

{and though i normally wouldn't check, yes i did just use exclamation points on EVERY one of my sentences!} ; )

Red said...

i so totally overuse !!!!marks!!!!! and i am proud of it and you should be too!!!!!
Love U!!!!