I'm on a mission!

I have a confession to make. Since making this move i have yet to really get into a daily routine. I mean we have our morning routine and that takes us up till we drop Colby off at school but then....there is no schedule or routine until bedtime. And it is driving me nuts! Before the move i had certain chores i did each day which made keeping up with the house cleaning easy. Now...not so much. I just kind of pick and choose something to do each day. I am craving that routine. That organization. So i am on a mission to get my mojo back!!

The first thing i have done is assigned chores for each day of the week! This way I will stay caught up without ever being overwhelmed! And it takes the guess work out of it....each day i will know exactly what needs to be done! So my weekly cleaning schedule is:

*Monday ~ Laundry

*Tuesday ~ Dusting, Vacuuming, & treat Colby's room (because of his allergies i have to deep clean and treat his room each week)

*Wednesday ~ Bathrooms

*Thursday ~ Mopping

*Friday ~ Laundry and i will rotate doing windows and cleaning cabinets

My kitchen is something i have to do each day because it will drive me crazy if i don't! So i sweep atleast once a day and clean countertops, stovetop, sink, etc. each day! I feel better already just having a plan! It will be so nice to have this routine back!

The other thing i am going to do starting this week is Menu Plan Mondays! I've seen other bloggers do this and it has caught my attention and then last week my bloggy buddy, Erin @ Haute Plates, started and it gave me the extra push to see what it is all about! Each week this fabulous trend is hosted by "I'm an Organizing Junkie"{click here to see what its all about} and hundreds of women share links to their menu plan for the next 7 nights!! So not only does it take the guess work out of the good old question "whats for dinner??" but there is an endless amount of inspiration and new ideas for meals! I'm going to attempt to post my family's menu plan for the week each Monday and throw in recipes from time to time as well!! Be sure to head over and soak up some meal time inspiration @ orgjunkie.com and if you decide to join in the fun let me know!!

And so here it is! The first Menu Plan here at Miculka Madness!!

Monday~ Tuna Casserole w/ bread and butter

Tuesday~ Spaghetti w/ garlic bread and salad

Wednesday~ Garlic Roasted Crock Pot Chicken /w brown rice and broccoli

Thursday~ Cornbread Casserole

Friday~ Crock Pot BBQ Chicken w/ Cornflake Cheesy Potatoes & Corn on the Cob

Saturday~ Beef Burgundy over pasta

Sunday~ leftovers or takeout!

I have linked to a few recipes i got from Erin @ Haute Plates and i will be posting a couple of other recipes i'm using this week soon!! I'm excited to be planning and working at getting my mojo back and sharing it with all of you! Don't forget to let me know if you decide to join in and be sure to check out all of Erin's recipes at Haute Plates!


April said...

Way to go, girl, for setting up a schedule to get your chores done around the house AND a menu for your meals this week! I'm giving you a big ol' cyber pat on the back for a job well done! I, too, feel so much better when I'm organized. Now, I'm off to check out some of those delish recipes!

Are you watching Melissa from "The Bachelor" on "Dancing With the Stars"? I'm predicting she takes home the prize!

Erin said...

We must be feeling the same mojo - I've been on top pf my "chores" for the past few weeks with a schedule and it is SO NICE to have the guesswork gone and the job DONE!

MPM has been such a blessing to me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's a little bit of work on Sunday, with the planning and shopping....but SO much easier the rest of the week!

Thanks for linking to my recipes...I can't wait to try some of yours too :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting your schedule all figured out. I wish I could stick to a schedule like that.

Russ and Erin said...

Hey Aubrey, tell me about the deep cleaning u do in colbys room. Ryker has horrible allergies/asthma too! Please send me an email? erincrumpton@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Good job young lady!!

My mojo is gone too so i know exactly what you mean. I think mine is due to winter/cloudy months. Spring is right around the corner as i saw Robin the other day. I too have done menu day and used it for weekly shopping. One other thing that might be fun is to have each one of you make a list of four dinners (including favorites). This will give you 12 "free" (cuz you didn't have to come with them), dinner ideas - plus you know they will like them.

Happy St. Patti's Day and your Dad has been thinking about you a lot. He's out of town this week.

Anyway, keep up the good work
Love ya
Grama Terry