Menu Plan Monday

I am LOVING menu planning. It is amazing what a difference having such a seemingly minor decision already made for me each day can make!! We did make a minor adjustment to the menu....on saturday we were going to have company over which is why i had planned to make beef burgundy, but those plans changed. So we opted to have leftovers because we had so many and I am doing the beef burgundy this saturday when our friends come over!! Otherwise we stuck to the plan and it was fabulous!! So here is the Miculka Madness Meal Plan for this week.....

Monday: Western Mac

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza

Wednesday: Brown Sugar Chicken w/ rice and broccoli

Thursday: Candied Sausage w/ cous cous and mixed veggies

Friday: Grilled burgers w/ baked beans and corn on the cob

Saturday: Beef Burgundy over noodles

Sunday: take-out/leftovers

Don't forget to head over to orgjunkie.com for lots of meal time ideas and inspiration!! And just in case you are wondering....our family favorite of the new recipes we tried last week was the crock pot bbq chicken!!! It was FANTASTIC...easy and delish...a big hit with all of us!! What is your family's favorite meal?? I would love to hear about your family fave so please do share!!


Gudrun from Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

my families favorite meal is either pasta with meatballs or Asian chicken lettuce cups (not sure that is the real name!).

Love your menu, have a great week!

April said...

Just one question for you...when do you want me over for dinner? LOL!

Erin said...

YAY! Isn't it liberating! I've been loving it too. I'm gonna have to try that Brown Sugar Chicken next week. Looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Everything sounds delicious!