Instagram Fun #2

Some of my favorite pictures from Instagram taken the last couple of weeks!  An added benefit to sharing my faves from Instagram here is that i actually take the time to look back through what I've posted there!  It was fun to think back to the moments i took each of them!
3 of the greatest joys in my life!  Snapped this while out running errands one morning!

is this sky not the craziest/coolest thing?!  there isn't one bit of editing done ~ God's creation stops me in my tracks sometimes!

this sweet boy was up the previous night w/ night terrors (which are sad & kinda scary ~ he's the 1st of the 3 to ever have them) and he couldn't even finish his lunch, he was so tired! poor buddy!

busted being naughty.  and might i add that as i cleaned this up he managed to make 2 other huge messes! see why i need my mother in law's help to get anything other than basic chores done around here?! ;)

this little basketball made it 2 months and around here? that ain't too shabby!!  my boys are rough-n-tough ALL boy!

like father, like son.  2 of the boys had fevers sunday so we skipped church and relaxed at home.  this scene that morning made my heart smile ~ LOVE them!  they are both playing games on the kindles (or "dindle" as dylan calls it!) =)

John and I are clinging to this verse right now as we are facing something tough this month ~ God has been so faithful in the trial we are facing and we have no doubt that He will continue to be!  This verse brings me peace when doubt tries to sneak in!
Sweet little peeks into my day to day!!  One thing is for sure ~ there is rare a dull moment in this house full 'o boys and i wouldn't trade it for anything!!
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Have a blessed weekend!!
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
~Psalm 73:26~

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