Busy Saturday!!

Saturday was a crazy day for us!!  I was sick most of the week last week (i swear I've never been sick so much in all of my life..ugh!) and still wasn't 100% Saturday which made having such a busy day even more challenging!  But we had alot of fun and slept really well that night! =)
We left the house a little before 10 to head to a birthday party for Dylan's buddy Bryce!!  And we kind of like Bryce's parents too! ;) ha!  Veronica did such a great job with the party ~ everything was sooo cute!!  We had a great time!
food table! (i took very few pictures all day but don't ya know one of them was of the food! ha!)

Dylan & the birthday boy!!  LOVE these cuties!!
We left the party and headed strait to Brayden's basketball game.  It was such a good game!!  Its crazy how emotionally involved i can get in a 7yr olds game ~ i just can't help it!!  And i have to shamefully admit that I've been awful about taking pictures during their games.....I'm not kidding when i say I'm SO into the games! 
After Brayden's game we had about an hour until Colby's game and we needed to pick up some cookies for Colby's team party so we took off for Target.  When we got Dylan out of his stroller to put him in the car we realized he had peed thru his diaper and soaked his pants.  awesome.  Guess we'll pick up another pair of pants at Target too!  So....we went all redneck riviera and took him into the store with no pants on.....
no pants. ha!
It was a mad rush in Target to get what we needed and get back to the gym in time!!  Colby had a great game too!!  It has been so fun watching their bball skills and confidence on the court grow!!  Right after Colby's game, his team had an end of season party so we hung out and partied for a while!  Then we were headed home to hurry up and catch up on the cleaning because my mother in law was on her way and not too far out!!!! (and being sick all week means i did alot less cleaning all week than normal!)  The boys could hardly stand the wait for her to get there but we tried to distract them with a movie & popcorn!
waiting for grandma...
It was a super crazy, busy, on the run kind of day but it was fun!!  We laughed so hard about taking Dylan into the store with no pants and had such a good time cheering on our little all stars and partying with friends!  And then we all slept really well that night! =)
Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
~1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)~

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