Random Observations

So...as i work on adjusting to this new state, city, neighborhood, etc. there are just a few things that i have observed. And i'm going to share them here if for no other reason than to just get them off my chest!

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* Apparently there is an unspoken 30 second red light rule...as in...once the light turns red most would stop right? Not here! The unspoken 30 second rule must be something like this....While the law says that a red light means stop, here in Pensacola you can still go for approx. 30 seconds after the light is red. SERIOUSLY. It scares me to death....i'm getting used to the other side of that unspoken rule which is wait a while after the light turns green before you go. That way if somebody in the "practicing the unspoken 30 second rule" club happens to be approaching the intersection your at they won't plow into you. CRAZY! Like SCARY crazy!

* While we're on the subject of driving here....i'm becoming more and more convinced that they do not teach turn signal usage in Florida driving schools. I'm just sayin'! For the love of all things good could these people just use a turn signal?!?

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* Florida schools are WAY advanced compared to Washington schools. I am just amazed at how vastly different the level of curriculum and expectations are. This has made for a bit of a tough adjustment for Colby. And an overwhelming couple of weeks of trying to figure out how in the world to help him catch up and adjust in the midst of everything else that has been going on. Thankfully, we have been blessed with a wonderful teacher who has been in constant contact with me and is all for working together with us to make sure he is encouraged w/ positivity and that we are all doing what is best for him. Colby is doing well and is improving each day. I can't ask for anything more from him. I am consumed w/ the thought that there should be some kind of national standard for curriculum that would prevent this from being an issue.

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* I despise unpacking. It is hands down the worst part of this lifestyle. I don't like having to spend so much time trying to figure out what will work where and what we have that we can use and what we can't. It's exhausting and i'm so ready to just be done. Like completely done. Anybody out there happen to be a good motivator?? I think i need a swift foot up my rear to get motivated to finish this whole unpacking thing up!

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* I'm pretty sure i always hear this state referred to as "sunny Florida". And i guess i mistakenly thought that meant that it wouldn't be cold here. The key word there was mistakenly. I've had to scrape ice off of my windshield more times than i can count on one hand in the couple of weeks we've been in the house. Not a big deal but very unexpected!

* It's dangerous to have Sonic and Chick-fil-a around again! Neither of them does me any favors in my quest to lose weight. But after 3 years of not having them it's a fierce battle i'm facing! Fierce indeed. And for the most part i'm winning but sometimes i just can't take it and i give in. Like right now i'm craving a big fat sonic burger. Will i give in or stay strong? We shall see!

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* I need a girls night. Or a girls morning of coffee and girl talk. Or just a girl friend period. In the last 2 and 1/2 weeks i've talked to a whopping 5 people. My husband and kiddos make up 3 of that 5. I've also talked to Colby's teacher (which isn't very "fun" talk right now) and to a friend of ours from Whidbey Island who is here now. Only that friend is a single dude....not exactly someone i can call up and hang out with. *sigh* I'm really missing all my girlfriends right about now!

I guess i'll stop rambling now! Oh it feels good to get all that off my chest! I must go fold laundry and put away the growing pile of folded clothes!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

It is the same way here in good ole Greensboro, NC. You better sit a few seconds at the stoplight, trust me. We use to have stoplight cameras but the money was suppose to go to the school system and someone was pocketing it instead. It was taken to court and the judge ruled to remove them. After that, it was back to crazy driving. The turn signal thingy..... that drives me most insane. It's bad here too.

I am not a Florida expert. However it is my favorite state. I do know that the northern parts of FL still have some seasons so I am not surprised about the ice. Of course they can also get some these unusual cold fronts that come through. Even NC was experiencing single digit temps last week. Not very common.

I agree with the education. I have heard this complaint from several parents. I hope Colby catches up and continues to do well.

I hope you find some girl friends soon. If we lived closer I would come drink a cup of coffee with you! :o)

April said...

If you REALLY want to see poor driving skills, head on up here to the Atlanta area...it will blow your mind! People have forgotten what common courtesy is anymore! They're always in a rush to get here and there, and everything else just seems to fall by the wayside.

We have moved A LOT in our 19 years of marriage, so I understand what you're going through. I have to be honest here. Everytime we've moved to a new home, I nearly kill myself for a day or so and get everything...and I mean EVERYTHING, unpacked and put away! I'm very "Type A" personality, so I have to have order and organization or I feel like I'm going loopy.

I hope and pray that Colby adjusts to his new school soon and that you find a good group of girlfriends to hang with from time to time. It might take a little while, so try to be patient. Everything will fall in place eventually, I'm sure!

Erin said...

OH! your last paragraph made me sigh. I wish I could jump a plane and meet you at Starbucks in the morning for some girl time. Or Sonic...I've never been there before! Hang in there - all the "adjustments" sound hard, but HE is holding you all in the palm of HIS hands. I KNOW it!