My Oh My

And the drama continues on another episode of the Bachelor! I don't know about you guys but i got some really good laughs last night! Drama, laughing, a lil fallin' in love......just my kinda tv! So where to begin....

The singing competition was great. Most of the songs were silly and fun and i thought they did a good job of just going with the flow! Megan w/ her "there will be baby makin', i'm sure i won't be fakin'".....ummm...are you serious? Tacky! Thought Nikki did ok for being so not into it but a song for your future baby? I'm pretty sure the show is about him, and you and him, not about the future babies you may or may not have.

The one on one date w/ Molly. I saw the previews so i knew she spent the night but it still kinda surprises me. The date went well but i think they could have done without the sound effects after they went into the tent. Ya know what i mean? I think Molly will probably be going on a home town date.

The group date was...well....drama. And lots of it! Shannon was awkward as always and the whole picking her nose and then handing him the snot rag was gross. Like i cringed for him. And then the kiss.....and the napkin on her face. The whole thing was just not good. At all. Megan's kiss was odd....it didn't even seem passionate...it just looked like she was attacking him. I felt bad for Melissa and Naomi because they have genuine connections with him and it had to be hard to watch all of the kissing. Not such a great date idea but it made for dramatic tv!

The 2 on 1 date is always hard to watch. It's just got to be hard to have that pressure knowing that one of them is going home. I think he made the right decision but I still just don't see the romantic connection w/ Stephanie. I think they connect in alot of ways and it seems to me like he really really wants there to be more of a romantic connection but it just isn't there. Maybe the network is hiding alot so it just seems that way but i just don't see it.

I'm not surprised at all that he didn't give out the final rose and i think it was a great choice. The 5 that are left are great girls but i do have to say that i am partial to Melissa aka Mel. (so cute that he calls her Mel!) They just fit and have from the beginning. I'm torn on what will happen next week...who do you guys think will be the one to go home and why? Who will the hometown dates be with?? Can't wait to hear what ya'll are thinking!


April said...

I have to admit that I still like Stephanie, even if she does talk in a fairytale princess voice. It's a little annoying. However, that being said, I think she has a sweet disposition and a good heart. She seems to really care about all the girls. The only thing I'm concerned about is does she really like Jason, or is she just desperate to find someone to be a daddy for her little girl? Know what I mean?

I like Melissa, too. She's really cute and energetic. I am so relieved that Megan and Shannon got booted! It was about time! Those two were loony birds! I can hardly wait until next week!!!

Erin said...

Melissa really grew on me last night. I didn't really like her before then that much. I am still partial to Jillian. She's just cute and down to Earth and they seem to have a lot of fun together.

Molly grew on me too, but I agree that the whole mmmm's and ahhhh's in the tent was a little much!!

I really don't see it with Stephanie...

AND when does DeAnna come back!? Gonna make for some good TV as this season gets closer to the end!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

The 2 on 1 date was so painful to watch. I mean why did they have to incorporate dancing into it. I'm ready for the hometown dates!

Russ and Erin said...

Hey aubrey, Kayla williams is still living in pensacola, she is single and just working. I can you her number if you are interested? Hope you get comfy in your new home soon! Love Erin

Aubrey said...

Oh! I am excited each time Monday rolls around! LOL
This year I was a total dork and have been keeping a list. On my first impressions? Melissa, Naomi and Jillian! I hope they are the final 3!!
Molly is too forward and kind of slutty. Stephanie seems like she'd make a better friend.
I can't wait to see what you say next week!