All together now....B-A-C-H-E-L-O-R!!!

Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!! I'm loving this season! Sooooo much to talk about here especially since i didn't get to post about last week!!!

Lets start with last week......I actually didn't have any real stand outs. The three that kind of stood out to me were Jillian, Melissa, and Nikki. Shannon with her over the top knowledge was a little crazy to me and while the hotdog thing with Jillian was a little strange it was quirky and for some reason i thought it was kind of cute. And then there was the previews w/ Deanna. WHAT?!? I'm skeptical, i have to admit.....they tend to really chop different scenes and play them all together in previews to get us all worked up! That one is driving me nuts....HAVE to know what her being back is all about!


Last night! Wow! There are two in my mind that are definite stand outs!! But first i will start with the opposite...

*Raquel~ A little over the top to hop in the limo like she did and i love that Jason cannot hide what he's thinking....his face says it all!! He was totally weirded out and i would have been too! And then her comment about finding someone who would love her enough that if something happened to her they wouldn't want to find someone else......STRANGE to say the least. Not surprised she is gone!

*Shannon~ This girl annoys me to no end! I think it is completely odd that she knows so much about his family...its one thing to know his and Ty's b-days, but to know his siblings names, who they are dating/married to, their kids names.....that is a little much! And the immature little things she does when he is spending time with other girls drives me nuts........she needs to go!

*Lauren~ Oh my goodness...this girl! "Thank God it wasn't me" when speaking of the first 1 0n 1 date??!! Are you serious? Heaven forbid you have to wear your hair up while you spend time with the man you are there to get to know and possibly fall in love with! This isn't a pageant sweetie! Way too needy and self absorbed to take on the role of a step mom in my opinion!

And now on to the two that i really like right now for him! The two 1 on 1 dates last night were great!

* Jillian is very confident and sure of herself but not in a stuck up kind of way! She seems quirky and passionate and fun and they are great together! The date was fantastic and i'm really liking her for him!

* Melissa stood out to me last week as "his type" and she seemed really sweet! Last night she stood out even more......their date was fabulous as well. Kinda cheesy but hey....it's reality tv so i'll let it slide! She seems really fun and sweet!

Those are the two that really stand out to me right now as having a great connection with him right off the bat! Stephanie is such a sweetheart and so genuine but i just don't see much of a connection there yet. I want there to be because she is such an amazing woman but so far i'm just not seeing it. And there are a couple of other girls who are cute but several of them are a little more quiet and reserved this season so we will have to see how everything plays out!!

Next Monday can't come soon enough! What are everyone else's thoughts?!? Talk to me!! And ps....loved the nerdy dance he did on the group date! Too funny!! Can't wait to hear what everyone else it thinking!! =)


April said...

I am so addicted to "The Bachelor", it isn't funny! Does TV get any better, I ask?

I could not stand Raquel...that girl had some serious issues! Shannon got off on the wrong foot with me from the get-go when she stepped out of the limo with fake teeth, then said she'd been following Jason on MySpace! Little too much for me!

Personally, I liked Lisa and hated to see her leave last night. She had some potential. I like Stephanie...and her southern drawl...I'm from the South, so she speaks a lot like me! :)

I can hardly wait to see if Deanna is coming back and what controversy she'll stir up! Oh, it's about to get GOOOOD!!!

~love said...

i hope they are totally trying to string us along w/ the deanna thing. she doesn't deserve to come back.
matt and i always "pick" after the 1st show. i say jillian. i agree that although the hotdog thing was almost too quirky....she pulled it off. =)

Anonymous said...

Ok.... don't shoot me but I don't watch this show. It sounds like that you are as addicted to Bachelor as I am The Biggest Loser. I get so involved that you would think that I knew these people personally... :o)

Aubs said...

LOL...i suppose i'll let it slide that you don't watch the Bachelor cause i LOVE the Biggest Loser too!! I haven't watched last nights episode yet but i know what you mean about getting so involved!! =)