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I'm just going to be really honest here and put it out there that in my opinion potty training is the single most FRUSTRATING part of parenting. I loathe it and it exhausts me because i can't have a loathing attitude and expect success ya know?!?

So as of my last post (on saturday morning) Brayden was doing GREAT! But then like not even 30 minutes after i posted he peed all over the kitchen floor. Ok...an accident here and there is to be expected....no biggie. Accept then every time he peed on saturday he did it on either the kitchen floor or the BATHROOM FLOOR. Yes. You read that right. On the bathroom floor and when asked if he was trying to make it to the potty he smiled ever so sweetly and said "nope". AAAAHHHHH. I wanted to scream but i kept my cool. Tomorrow will be better i told myself. And it was slightly better but he still had multiple accidents. Starting to get frustrated but holding it together. And then today it was like he was back to his old self and he went on the potty every single time. Until Daddy came home from work and then he peed his pants. I'm noticing now that when Daddy is at work he does awesome with the potty. When Daddy is home...not so much. Can't say for sure yet if this is a true pattern...time will tell. But what i do know is that i'm thankful that i made him continue to wear undies through the weekend even though he had accident after accident. It took a little courage....we tried a new church on sunday and we were very tempted to send him to sunday school in a pull up but we stuck to the undies and he did great! I spent a couple hours in Colby's classroom today and Brayden came along. It was very tempting again to put him in a pull up "just in case". But i stuck to the undies and he did great. So all in all i think we are doing ok......its just so darn frustrating. But this too shall pass and in my glass half full kinda mindset i'm going to say that a week from now i'll be telling you all about how pull ups are a thing of the past and we can safely say he is potty trained! Even with all of the accidents i think we are definitely making progress.

And for now i am going to sign off as i need to get the boys settled and tucked into bed, make a cup of hot tea and get comfy for The Bachelor!!!!!! Oh my goodness....my thoughts on tonight's episode tomorrow morning! Oh yeah...and all of you west coast chica's...don't be too jealous...it comes on here in about 20 minutes. And in like 2 or 3 hrs for you ladies. Not that i'm rubbing it in or anything but it is a pretty fantastic perk of living on the eastern side of the good ole US of A!! ;)


Erin said...

You so ARE rubbing it in....and that's okay. Because I already think of you every Monday night around 7PM and am so jealous :)

I really do think you'll be surprised at how far Brayden has come a week from now!! It's hard, when you are in the moment, but I think you are doing the right thing!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are really keeping your cool with Brayden. I hope he continues to do well.

Have fun watching Bachelor. :o)

smallmoments said...

You know...you are really making me nervous about potty training the boys. Good thing I have a while before I have to worry about it and then you can tell me how it will all be okay and they won't still be wearing diapers when they go off to kindergarten! :)

You can do it! I will be sending you lots of patient thoughts for your days! :)

Scrapper Mom said...

You just THINK potty training is the hardest part. Just wait until they are teenagers and do more than pee in the floor. lol. I SO wish I was potty training again.

Hey, you may've heard something similar to this before, but when my daughter was potty training, I had a canister of dum dum suckers on the back of the toilet. Everytime she used the potty, she got a sucker. It totally worked. My sis in law did the same thing with stickers. Just a thought!