Oh my goodness ya'll!

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Let's talk Bachelor, shall we?? I'd say the theme for last night's episode would easily be DRAMA!!! Crazy drama! And there was so many things that i was thinking while watching it but i didn't take notes so i'll probably forget half of what i wanted to say but here it goes....

The date w/ Stephanie and her lil girl was so sweet!! And i'll say it again...i really wish there was something more there but i don't see the connection there on a romantic level like i see with other girls. I could be wrong but i just don't see the two of them ending up together. But....John and I agree that she would be a strong candidate for the next bachelorette!?!

I was not at all upset to see Natalie go.......she just wasn't for him. And i'm going to have to borrow this from my bloggy friend at a boy, a girl, and a pug because she said it so well...."the girl really could of gone on a date with just the diamonds"!! Couldn't have said it any better! And is it just me or is it just a little odd that when asked to say something about herself she said "i really like bears".....WHAT? That one cracked me up!

The group date was fabulous! What a neat idea and a great way to have fun, give back, and get to know the girls! Shannon and Nikki were just awkward.....it just isn't there. Loved Jillian again! She is so fun! Melissa was cute as always.....i probably would have kept the whole breast reduction thing to myself but whatev! Megan needs to go.....she always seems to be at the center of the drama and seems a little too rough and confrontational. I just really don't see him with someone like that! (because don't ya know that i am the expert on who is best for Jason. ha!) Kari seemed sweet but just didn't seem cut out for that type of dating environment! (i'm right there w/ her....how in the world these girls do it is beyond me!)

Did you see the previews of next week....the part that showed him saying he couldn't give out the final rose?!? Can't wait to see what that is about! And when in the world is Deanna coming back?? I'm not sure how many girls he eliminates next week but i say there are four more that could have gone last night....Lauren, Megan, Nikki, and Shannon.......beyond that i am a little torn! Its going to be fun to see how it all plays out!!


April said...

I cannot miss an episode of "The Bachelor" and last night's was "da bomb"! Definitely did not disappoint!

I like Stephanie, but there's something about her face that looks fake to me...can't put my finger on it. I don't really see the connection from Jason's standpoint. I think Stephanie is just desperate to find a daddy for her little girl, and rightly so. She seems very sweet and genuine, though.

I cannot stomach Megan! She is only out for "Number 1" and that's herself! I'm growing weary of her neverending eye rolls. He needs to kick her to the curb!

I was so happy to see Natalie leave! 'Bout time! She was so self-centered and egotistical! Good riddens, I say!

I will definitely tune in next week...oh, it's about to get goood!

Lainey-Paney said...

I'm no help here.
I don't watch that show...

Scrapper Mom said...

girl! I feel ya every bit!! lol.

is it Monday yet?

Liz said...

Girl you are about as nuts about this show as I am The Biggest Loser. Too funny!

Aubrey said...

It was so cool to look at my comments and see Aubs! I was like, hey??? Why am I commenting on my own blog? LOL

I came over earlier but still hadn't watched last nights Bachelor SO I had to leave...now I'm back!

I think it is time for Shannon & Nikki to go. And *gulp* I love Megan but don't think she is right for Jason. I have loved Jillian since the very first episode! Oh, and Molly HAS TO GO! She's annoying! And whorish. LOL

Erin said...

I totally agree with all your thoughts! I am liking Jillian the best right now.

I'm thinking he can't give out the final rose.....because he is giving it to DEANNA!!!

7 days is too long to wait...