Potty Update!

I couldn't be prouder of my little man!!!! He wore his "supermans" aka big boy undies ALL day yesterday w/ NO accidents!!!!! He did so well! We even ventured out to the mall and did some shopping and he told us when he had to go. (yes i was a little unsure of going out on day 1 of such a huge transition but figured if he has an accident we'll change him. Right?!?) But he didn't! Oh i am so excited you don't even know! I guess i do have to say that he had an accident while he was down for his nap but i'm not too concerned with the "while sleeping" issue for now. He slept in a pull up last night but put his undies on again when he woke up this morning!!! If he continues today with no accidents we told him we would take him to the store tonight and let him pick new undies!! I think this may be it....like this may really be it! And if he does good all week i'm thinking we will have a little potty party for him next weekend! This was such a struggle the last time we tried and i finally just decided to let go of it and that when we got all settled here i would think about trying again, so this is such a huge blessing that he is doing this on his own! Keep your fingers crossed for us and i'll keep everyone updated!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! That is great news. I am so glad that he did well.

April said...

Yippee!!! Sounds like this is the beginning of big boy underwear for good! :)

smallmoments said...

So Awesome!!! :)