What a Weekend!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 4th of July weekend!!! We kicked it off with a bbq at John's command which was a fun opportunity to spend time with fellow sailors and their families! The kids ran and played and we had a fabulous lunch!! Friday morning we got up and headed down to the parade! Okay....i have to admit that on our way to meet some friends to go to the parade I got pulled over....BOO! And beat this.....i got a speeding ticket going 24mph.....24MPH....yes thats right folks.....speed racer here! ANYWAY....moving on....we had a great time at the parade and the kids loaded up on candy!

Daddy & his boys

Brayden, Hal'e, & Colby

Enjoying the Parade

After a trip home to finish up some cooking and get a nap in for the little one, we headed over to our good friend's Steve and Heather's house for an evening of bbq'ing, s'mores, and fireworks!! What a blessing to have such wonderful friends to enjoy such an amazing celebration with!

We had a lil frosting fight while decorating cupcakes =)

Making S'mores


Steve & Heather

Ryan & Ashley

Watching fireworks

Me & Hubby!!

It was a great 4th of July....relaxed and fun! We couldn't have asked for more!! I am so thankful to live in this amazing country and to be surrounded daily by members of our military who so willingly sacrifice so much to defend the freedoms we enjoy! God Bless America and each and every soldier, sailor and airmen who are fighting today to defend her!

I pray all of you enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations as well!! And I would love to hear your speeding ticket stories.....surely i'm not the only one right??? =0) Let me hear it.....let the speed stories unfold!!!


Jacob said...
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boygirlboy said...

Ha ha! Ummmm, which getting-pulled -over story did you want me to tell you about. For a while there I was on a roll! Seriously, they have nothing better to do there.

Lainey-Paney said...

sorry about your ticket...
....but otherwise, it looks like y'all had a FABULOUS holiday!