Random Thoughts

My life has been such a whirlwind this week that i just can't muster the motivation for a poetic post so i will just give a random list to summarize my week!

*VBS~What a blessing to be able to help in the nursery! It was exhausting but such a blessing! I had 6 kids.....a 2yr old, a 15month, 17 month, & 18 month old, a 5 month old and a 3 yr old!!! What a joy it was to create a loving environment for these lil ones so that their mommies and daddies could help make VBS the raving success that it was!

Brayden and Colby have enjoyed it soooo much! We did a farm theme this year and it has been so neat! The boys have made butter, strawberry jam and bread among lots of other crafty projects!! Today was the last day and they have enjoyed it so very much!

Colby & Brayden @ VBS today!

*Stamp Camp~ I, along with 4 other Stampin Up! Demonstrators are doing a big Stamp Camp tomorrow! It has been alot of work but a great learning experience on how to run a big event! There has been over 400pcs of ribbon cut, over 2000 individual pcs of cardstock cut, and many many hours of planning that have gone into it but we are excited!! So that is where I will be ALL day tomorrow.....FUN!

*Vacation~ The Miculka Clan will be hitting the road on Monday!!! We are very excited! We will be going to the Great Wolf Lodge with a big indoor waterpark, arcade and all kinds of fun!! We will be there all day Monday and that night and then Tuesday morning we will head out for my Dad's!! We have been so blessed living up here and being so close to my Dad and step mom Terry and we are so excited to go spend the week with them!! We are looking forward to a relaxing week full of fun, family and love! Needless to say i have a TON to get done in the next few days but it will all be worth it when we are chillin' in beautiful Kalispell, Montana!!!

My Dad, Colby & Brayden playing on the 4 wheeler last year!

And of course on top of trying to keep all of the planning for vacation and stamp camp strait and help at vbs all of the little things that could possibly come up to complicate things HAVE! Goodness.....life has been crazy but i survived! I'll most likely post from the laptop while on vacation! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! =0)

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ShortOne said...

hope your stamp camp went well!

hope you have a very safe and wonderful vacation!