Strawberry Pickin'

We were very blessed to have hubby home from work on Monday so we decided to venture out to a local produce farm and pick strawberries! There is something so satisfying about going out and enjoying the time together as a family and picking them ourselves! And it doesn't hurt that it is so much cheaper than buying them at the store!! ;) We ended up picking 13lbs and have been snacking on strawberries for days! I am also planning on making some strawberry muffins today and hopefully this weekend making some jam and homemade strawberry ice cream!

After we were done picking we treated the boys to some ice cream which they sell there at the farm! We also picked up some rainier cherries they had for sale for much cheaper than we can find them in the stores. What am i going to do when we move and don't have all this fresh local produce?!?

So does anyone out there have any other yummy ideas for all these strawberries?? I'm always up for suggestions and ideas....so speak up! What else can i make with all these strawberries??


Jean Marie Bibby said...

I don't know about you, but my kids eat PBJ almost everyday for lunch. Everyone around here makes strawberry jam. You could make it for christmas gifts, (that's what we do with all the veggies from our garden.)

Lainey-Paney said...

ranier cherries are so.freakin'.good.

and the strawberry picking looks like fun! ....there aren't snakes, are there???

Aubs said...

Jean Marie....great idea to make jam for Christmas gifts!! I'm gonna have to keep that in mind!

Lainey...haha~there actually aren't snakes and if there was i wouldn't have anything to do with it!! Surprisingly there aren't a whole lot of pesty bugs or snakes or anything here! That is one thing i do not miss about Texas! =)

~love said...

hey aub...just caught up with you, as i've been in the hospital again...ugh!

anyway...good to catch up and see you blogging so much. you're kicking my booty! =)

glad you all are well and enjoying john being home! and the boys look adorable as always. =)

shortone said...

looks like you had a great day! some of my favorite memories revolve around picking strawberries (or sneaking strawberries) from my grandparents strawberry patch! i don't have any recipes, but my grandma would always cut them up and sprinkle them w/sugar, let them set for a day so the sugar would bring out the juices, then she would freeze them -either in tupperware containers of various sizes, or ziplok baggies. she would set them in the fridge to thaw and we had instant ice cream topping!