A little R&R!!

This vacation has been soooooo nice!! We are truly enjoying ourselves and loving the time together as a family! I'm not going to be able to upload pictures here like i thought i would. =( I'm spoiled at home with a memory card slot on my computer so i didn't even bring my usb cable with me. So pictures will have to wait until i get home next week!

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge on Monday and played in the water park all afternoon and then went to dinner at one of the on site restaurants. Then we hit the arcade(also on site) and then the bakery for some dessert!!!! It was so nice to not have any kind of schedule or worry about getting anywhere by a certain time....we did what we wanted when we wanted and we had a blast!! It was a GREAT time and i L.O.V.E.D the resort. They had so much to do, the service was great and the staff was fabulous! And we didn't leave the resort from the time we checked in until the next morning when we checked out....the had everything right there!

Now we are at my Dad's house in Kalispell, MT! The drive over here was pretty uneventful....it is a gorgeous drive for the most part and we have all kinds of fun planned for the next week! We've had lots of down time which equals lots of reading and enjoying the boys for me! We had a YUMMY steak dinner last night and are planning on playing in the water this afternoon!! We are planning on taking the boat out to the lake one day, doing a movie night outside, going to Glacier National Park (which is only about 30 minutes away!), and all kinds of fun stuff!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week......not sure if i'll get to post again before we get home but i promise pictures next week!!


Boy & Girl said...

oh I bet the weather is unbelievable in MT...I'm so jealous. We really want to try out the Great Wolf Lodge it looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your stay! Thanks so much for chosing Great Wolf Lodge as your vacation destination.

Warm Regards,
Derrek Kinzel
General manager, Great WOlf Lodge

ShortOne said...

so glad you are enjoying your vacation! can't wait to see the pics!

Erin said...

Love family vacations! So happy for all of you to get to enjoy each other and the memories you are making. Have fun! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Scrapper Mom said...

Ah, I love R&R. Sounds refreshing.

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