So....there is a pertussis break out on the island we live on. NOT COOL! At first i didn't think anything of it~the boys are immunized and it wasn't too bad. But as the last couple of weeks have played out it has continued to spread pretty quickly and i decided it was time to look into getting the booster shot for myself. (John, being military, stays very up to date on everything and is covered) So while already at the hospital this morning i went ahead and got the shot. The shot itself was cake....i've never been able to say this but i honestly didn't even feel the needle go in! But now.....DANG it H.U.R.T.S! =( My whole arm is aching and all red and i don't like it at all! Add to it the fact that i hate to take any medicine and i am just kind of cranky. This hurts so bad that i might just have to take some motrin or aleve or somethin'!

But don't even kid yourself.....i got a cool band aid! Don't be jealous of my sparkly bandaid...now if only i could rewind a lot of years back to the days of bandaids making it all better! And don't be afraid to tell me i'm a big baby....i've come to terms with the fact and i'm ok with it! I'm a great big baby and this HURTS! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


shortone said...

well, i personally don't think you are a baby. i too hate shots, and am a baby when it comes to them, my kids handle them better than me! hope it feels better soon!

Erin said...

That bandaid rocks. My girls would be so jealous! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header picture of the 4 of you! You look fabulously trim too!

Hope you and your arm are back to normal soon :)

Anonymous said...

I love your new picture at the top! :)

I hope your arm doesn't hurt anymore. It reminds me of the time I had to have a tetanus booster and a tetanus shot at the same time...one in each arm. It was horrible!

Aubs said...

Shortone~ I'm glad to know i'm not alone!! My boys very much enjoyed the fact that this time it was Mommy getting a shot and not them!

Erin and Ginger~ Thanks for the compliments on the pic! A very good friend of mine is a photographer (what a blessing huh?) and took this of us and it is one of my faves!!

And i am happy to report that i woke up saturday morning to more of just a sore muscle discomfort than pain so my arm is doing much better!! =)