We're Home!!!

Let me just start by saying that i L.O.V.E family vacations! And this one was no exception! We had a great time and i feel so refreshed as a wife, mother and friend!

We started at the Great Wolf Lodge....it was fantastic! So great that we are planning on going back with some friends in September!! I didn't get very many pictures and i am wishing that i would have been better about that but i did snap a few in our room! The room was so fun....we stayed in a Wolf Den room so the kids had their own "den" with their own tv and bunk beds. They loved it! And the room was so clean and comfortable....i just can't say enough good things about it!

From there we headed out to my Dad's in Kalispell, MT!! We really enjoy going to my Dad's and we have been so blessed to live so close to them while being stationed here! It is such a joy to watch the relationship between the boys and my Dad grow.....they adore him! And as always my Step Mom went above and beyond as a hostess! We were also blessed to have my brother, Asa, and his son there for a few days too! The last time we were all together was when Brayden was born so it was nice to be together again! Colby and Brayden had a great time with Lil Asa and it was so special to see them grow to be such good buddies! Trips like this one are what memories are made of and we made lots of special memories as a family!

Couldn't resist this one....you gotta do what you gotta do!

The 3 amigos playing on papa's toys

Splish Splash....these 3 had such a great time together!

We did alot of relaxing and letting the boys run around outside! Papa and Grandma got them a slip-n-slide and all kinds of fun toys for outside and they so enjoyed all of them!

a lil slip-n-slide action!

We went to see a local dam one day and had a picnic by the lake and then the boys swam and played in the lake w/ Grandma!

Grandma, lil Asa, Colby, Brayden, Papa
The Miculka's
What cuties!
Swimmin' in the lake
What better way is there to cool off after a swim in the lake?

We went to Libby, MT (about 90 miles north) to meet some extended family as this is the town my Dad grew up in. We stayed in a hotel w/ an indoor pool and the boys did ALOT of swimming! We went to Kootenai Falls which is a nice hike off the highway and so beautiful!! It is a big natural series of waterfalls.......so pretty and serene! Unfortunately we didn't get to meet as much of the family as we would of liked because nature had different plans! A forest fire started across the highway from our hotel and alot of the family lived in the area so they were all warned to be ready to evacuate. Luckily they were able to stop the fire from getting any structures but it did mean we didn't get to visit w/ everyone. We did however get a pretty neat first hand education on the logistics of wild fire fighting! We actually got to watch the retardant planes fly and drop the fire retardant. We got to watch the helicopters go to the river and get water and then fly over to the fire and drop the water! When it got dark we could see all the little spot fires that started up on the mountain ridge. And all while getting a detailed commentary from my Dad who actually is a member of a Type 2 fire team! (meaning he is on a team that works the logistical end of fighting big fires) So, while our little mini trip didn't turn out quite like we planned it was still neat and we enjoyed it!

Swimming AGAIN!
Colby @ Kootenai Falls
The Falls
The whole gang!
All of that haze in the mountains is smoke from the fire!
this was the next day....wish i would of thought to take some when it was really going good!

We took the boat out to one of the many local lakes one day! The boys LOVE going out on the boat and i definitely see a boat/jet ski/lake house in our future at some point! I love all lake recreational things! I'm not a big ocean girl but more of a lake girl! The scenery was gorgeous and the weather perfect!!

Our future lake house.....=)

Us on the lake!

Papa, Grandma and the boys

There just aren't words to truly sum up how special all the memories made are to me! But i can say i am refreshed, relaxed and couldn't have enjoyed my time with my family more. So now it is your turn to share with me......is there any special vacation memories that stand out for you?? I would love to hear your special memories so please do share!


ShortOne said...

So, glad you are back, missed you! Also, so glad to hear that it was such an awesome vacation, and the pictures are wonderful!

As, a child my favorite vacations were at the lake, just fishing, swimming, skiing, being lazy, etc...

Now as a mom, I would have to say my favorite was a Disney Cruise that the in-laws took us on the. The kids have the best time w/the grandparents and we all had so much fun as a family, it was the greatest! I highly recommend the disney cruise to everyone - it was total relaxation and FUN!

Lainey-Paney said...

that trip looks like sooooooo much fun!

oh, and can I stay with you guys at your future lake house?

~love said...

glad you all had a great time! we love the great wolf lodge, too. family vacays are the best. =)