BB 10

Sooooo.....i think i am going to really enjoy this season of BB!! (Big Brother for all you non reality tv fans ;)!) Its hard to say a whole lot cause it takes me a few episodes to let it all sink in but there are a few standouts from last night!!

First is Jerry...the old guy! L.O.V.E. him! I'm kind of a sucker for the elderly...they're just so darn cute and he is no exception! His nominations were killer and very smart. I think everyone in the house just might under estimate him!!

Then there is Renny....seriously?? Can't stand her.....she is one of those people you either like her or you don't and i don't! She is obnoxious and was getting on my nerves just watching her on tv....i can't imagine having to live with her. Hope to see her go first!

The decor in the house this season is FABULOUS! My favorite yet.....it is always fun to see what they will come up with but for the most part it is too modern or eccentric for my personal taste. But this season...i might just have to steal some decorating ideas! Or wait...stealing is wrong....i might just be VERY inspired by some of what i see! haha! =)

There is such a diverse group in the house this season that i think it will make for some great entertainment! I'm looking forward to gaining a better sense of some of the other players and watching the season unfold!! Has anyone got any ideas what the big twist might be this season?? It's BB...there has to be a twist right?? So let me hear it...who else out there is a BB fan and what are your thoughts??


shortone said...

didn't let myself get hooked on BB again. I watched 1 or 2 seasons and liked it alot, but then it started getting a little too much for prime time TV w/my kids still up at that time. a friend told me it wasn't as bad as I had remembered one particular scene being, but I just never tuned in again; just decided I was already addicted to too many TV shows! hope the season is as good as you expect.

Erin said...

So wish I checked your blog this weekend instead of getting lost on Facebook! I love BB and didn't even know there was a new season starting. Hopefully they will reair last nights episode sometime this week. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to gab about the show. And yes - there will be twists!