Weight Loss Wednesday

Well.....it has been a rough month and i could sit here and make excuses for why i let my weight loss goals slip but i'm not going to. I lost focus and let life get the best of me and didn't do well at all. I don't have exact numbers for you because when i finally decided to face the music and get weighed and measured the trainer wanted to wait until next week. (that wonderful week every month that we all love so much....'nuff said) I did get on the scale even though my trainer told me not to and my weight was at 190 so i was up 5 lbs from the last time i posted and 1 3/4 lbs from my last official weigh in. Could be worse and i have re-focused and will post measurements for you next week. Thank you Erin C. for asking about my WLW posts......i needed the extra push to get back on track! Better days to come in my weight loss journey!!!

weight loss
This made me laugh......too funny!! If only it were that easy......


Anonymous said...

We all have rough days, weeks and sometimes even months. Don't get discouraged! The important part is to not give up!!!! I am cheering for you.

Russ and Erin said...

Hey there cute picture! Love that, good luck i love hearing about your progress, i need to get back in the gym too so this will help motivate me too!