A lil Brayden-ism for ya!

I wonder sometimes what i would do if i didn't have my little munchkins to melt my heart and put a smile on my face! The other morning i was at the computer doing my daily morning email check and Brayden and i were talking and this is what he had to say....

Brayden: Mama-Jesus my friend

Me: Thats right baby.....Jesus is the best friend you will ever have

Brayden: uh huh....Jesus like my bubble mower

Me: he does?

Brayden: uh huh...he my friend and he like play with my bubble mower with me

Talk about cute......I love that he is talking so much now and i will forever cherish his completely innocent and pure view of everything in this world! This melted my heart and made me laugh out loud....so stinkin precious!! What a beautiful way to think of our Heavenly Father!

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