Happiest Birthday....


I cannot believe you are already 3 years old!!! You are growing so fast and changing so much. Sometimes it feels as though i blink and you are saying or doing something new! You are so much fun lil man......and you are so much like me it is scary sometimes! You are strong willed, determined, loving, sweet, helpful, funny, witty and just plain adorable! You are the kiddo that as Mommy is trying to correct and discipline everyone else is turning away and giggling. You are the kiddo that when you want something you WILL get it regardless of what it takes. You say the sweetest little prayers and sing the cutest little songs. You adore your big brother. You love to be outside and if there is a speck of dirt anywhere near you, then you will end up wearing it! You are truly all boy and i love it!

Such a cutie!

after picking strawberries....

Look at me go Mom....

Messy boy

It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow and learn! I pray that as your Mommy I can continually guide you, teach you, and be an example for you. I am so excited to continue to watch you grow to be the man that God would have you be!

look what i did!

2nd bday and in love w/the cake!

Cruisin' on Papa's boat!

Happy Happy Birthday Brayden James!!

3 yrs old w/ an unforgettable "cheese" grin! =)

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Erin said...

I did a double take at first...thinking wait, wasn't it just COLBY's bday?? Did I get it wrong?

That's fun that their bdays are so close. My brother and I are 3 days apart too. Now as adults - it makes for a pretty nice excuse to get everyone together and celebrate!

Happiest of Birthdays dear Brayden!! I hope this next year is full of fun and giggles as you continue to grow into a handsome little MAN! God Bless :)