Happy Birthday to you.....

Happy Birthday dear Colby....Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

Colby is 7 today....7 stinkin' years old! Where has the time gone? He is growing up so fast and i am just having a hard time digesting the fact that he is already 7! What an amazing 7 years it has been......life hasn't always been easy but Colby has brought a ray of light into my life that makes any trial a lil bit easier to get through.

Where did those cheeks go??

Mommy & Daddy's wedding!

I'm a big brother!!

Colby Laine....Happiest birthday to you my lil love! It is hard for me to even begin to put into words all the love, hope and dreams i have for you in my heart. I am so blessed by you each and every day. Your love for the Lord is absolutely inspirational.....you are so excited to be a child of God and to share your love for our Savior with anyone you meet! You have such a caring, loving nature about you.....you've never met a stranger and its not hard to see why. You will do anything to put a smile on someone's face, to make someone else's day a little better. The kindness you show to everyone around you is precious. Brayden adores you and what an amazing big brother he is blessed to have! You teach him, you love him, you play with him....you are the best big brother anyone could have! You are so intelligent and your love for learning amazes me!

Preschool Graduation

1st soccer season!

My lil Kinder grad!

Colby, it is my prayer that you continue to grow and learn each and every day. That you will continue to share God's love and to be the example of that love that you are today. Keep on loving life....never lose the caring, kind nature that is you! Thank you for the love and light that you have brought to my life each and every day of the last 7 years! Happiest Birthday my lil man!

first day of 1st grade!

7 years old and missing a tooth!! =)


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Colby! You are a very handsome young man. Always be your best self and you will succeed in all you do! Hope 7 is the best year yet.

Lainey-Paney said...

Happy Birthday Colby!
...and Laine is a wonderful name to have.
(I'm not partial at all....nooooo.)