So...things have been a little crazy around here the last few days and i haven't had much time, energy or motivation to post! We are having a HUGE garage sale tomorrow with some friends and we have really been working hard to make sure we get rid of EVERYTHING we don't want or need! With a big move coming in a few months i am determined to move ONLY what we actually want and need! Needless to say, we've been super busy! So i thought i would at least post a few fun pictures for everyone to enjoy!!

The Miculka's!

I *heart* these 3 guys.....

Good Season Blue Lightning!!

Enjoying the sunshine and some ice cream!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


Erin said...

Cute pictures! Hope you have a fun weekend too....and your garage sale is a booming success!

Lainey-Paney said...

great pics!!!!