Bye Bye Baby........Hello Big Boy!

Brayden has done so much growing up in the last couple of weeks! It has all happened so suddenly and that is a good thing but man....it has really hit me the last couple of days that he is growing up FAST! He is going pee pee on the potty and did that completely on his own! He just started telling us one day that he needed to go potty and we took him and he went.....and the rest is history. I wouldn't go as far as to say he is potty trained but he is working on it and since he started it completely on his own we are letting him go at his own pace....not pressuring but encouraging and always ready to RUN to the potty! =)

And another big step.....Brayden said bye bye to the binky!!!! Anyone who has spent any time around him knows how strong his attachment to the binky has always been so letting go of it was something i just haven't looked forward to! But to my surprise he has done so well! We have been talking to him for about a month now about giving his binky's to the binky fairy and he decided (with a little encouragement of course) at his birthday party when we were releasing all of the balloons at the end that he would tie his binky to a couple of them and let it go to the binky fairy! I was unsure of how things would go but i wasn't going to tell him no! I felt so unprepared.....so not ready.....i was actually sad as i watched it float higher and higher. That binky represented my baby being a baby and i felt as though i was watching the "baby" float away and watching a little boy emerge! We have made it 2 nights without it now....the first was a little rough! Lots of crying...lots of comforting and not very much sleep for Mom and Dad but last night he went to sleep without asking for it and slept through the night! So with many fond memories i bid farewell to the baby and toddler years and with open arms i am welcoming the preschool and lil boy years!

About to let it go......

Bye bye binky!


Erin said...

That is a great idea to get rid of the binky!! Megan LOVED hers too and I was dreading getting rid of it. She had it until her 3rd birthday - where we gave it to Cinderella to give to other little babies that needed it. I think at 3 she would have given her right arm to Cinderella! It went much smoother than I expected too.

Love the Birthday party post below - the boys look so happy and I love that they both got surprised they REALLY wanted. How fun!!

Lainey-Paney said...

what a wonderful idea.

And waaaaaay to go, Brayden!

~love said...

awww...good job, brayden. =)