Change of Command

We had the opportunity to attend the Change of Command ceremony for hubby's command yesterday and what a blessing it was! This ceremony marks the official passing of the responsibility, authority, and accountability of command from one officer to another. It is a ceremony rich in Naval tradition and it was truly an honor to be there. Hubby was quite the hottie in his dress white uniform and was also honored to be part of the ceremony! There just aren't words to describe the pride that consumed me as i stood listening to the bagpipes play and the chorus sing our national anthem, surrounded by Navy personnel in their dress uniforms standing at attention and saluting the flag that they so willingly sacrifice so much to defend.

I've had the opportunity to serve the now former commanding officer and the entire command as the ombudsman for the last year and a half! It has been both challenging and rewarding but above all it was an honor to serve. The ombudsman is an official volunteer that serves as a liaison between the commanding officer and the families in the command. I went into the position with the goal of assisting families and making the hardships of deployment and the military lifestyle easier in any way i could. I feel blessed that i was indeed able to achieve this goal and will never forget the wealth of experience i have gained thru this position. I was very touched when the outgoing commanding officer presented me with gorgeous flowers and a very sweet thank you message during the ceremony yesterday. He is an amazing man and an inspirational leader and will be very missed. I am a better woman today for the time i had to serve alongside him!

Last night Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending a reception with friends and lots of our "Navy" family put on by the new commanding officer. It was a fun evening out and we truly enjoyed ourselves!!

Yesterday's ceremony was yet another reminder of what an awesome blessing it is to be married to a US Sailor and i was truly touched and forever changed by the emotions i experienced!

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~love said...

geez...i'm behind on your blog! =)
great pics and glad you had such a great experience. =) thanks so your family for serving!!