Instagram Fun #5

Occasionally, I like to go back through my Instagram pictures and choose some of my favorites to share here!  Two reasons for this...1) Its fun to go back through and remember the circumstances from each picture!  A little trip down memory lane!  And 2) I feel like I blog about the bigger moments/events in life but really the little moments that make up each day are so special and I want to document some of those moments here too!
So...here are some my favorites from the last several weeks.....
Dylan wanted me to color with him one morning and of course I couldn't say no, but seriously?  My artistic skills leave much to be desired! ha!  But he loved it! ;)

playing with friends at the park.  is there anything cuter than toddler friends?!

Dylan figured out how to pop the door knob covers off so keeping him out of things is a full time job! I walked in the kitchen one day to find this...... {sigh}

I still rock and snuggle littlest everyday before his nap.  Its one of my favorite times of the day! (and the fact that he grinned behind his binky when I took this cracks me up!!!)

Headed to the beach one morning w/ my rowdy crew!

this day was a particularly rough one with Dylan and here he was upset because I wouldn't give him a donut from on top of the fridge (where they were strategically placed out of his reach) and he was very seriously trying to get one himself. crazy child!

Saturday nights get pretty wild around here ~ Chicago fire on Hulu and painting my nails! ;)

My happy place ~ on the couch in my comfies, glass of wine in hand, doing some shopping online, & watching The Bachelorette on tv!!  Multi tasking at its finest!
I just love that Instagram gives me an easy way to document the little moments and to connect with others too!!  So tell me.....what is your favorite way to be sure you remember all the little moments in your day to day?!
I'd love to have you follow along on Instagram ~ I'm @sassyaubs!!
A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all;
~Psalm 34:19~


Angela said...

I also love instagram for that reason. Highlighting "little joys" from each day. :)

Lainey-Paney said...

The fridge climbing: love it!!!!

...and in the car, headed to the beach!? So jealous!