Happiest Birthday Colby!

My baby is 12. TWELVE!!  It seems like just last month I was walking through the house bouncing him for hours and hours because it was the only thing that kept him from crying.  And it seems like just yesterday he was playing in his first little soccer season and graduating kindergarten.  Now?!  He's 12.  Going into 7th grade and growing more and more independent all the time!  I wouldn't trade a single moment of being this boy's mom....the good, the ugly and every moment in between....I wouldn't change a thing!
wearing a waffle house hat during his birthday dinner tonight!
Colby, my sweet sweet boy ~ I'm really not sure that I can put my love for you into words.  You made me a mama.  And you have blessed me more than I ever could of dreamed.  You have the biggest heart and the best contagious laugh so full of joy.  Your love for the Lord humbles and inspires me.  You are so helpful and are the BEST big brother!  Your intelligence and love for learning fascinate me. 
Sometimes I am tempted to wish that time would stop.  That you wouldn't grow up so fast.  But then I would miss seeing you learn and day by day become the young man God created you to be.  You truly amaze me and I get so excited when I think of all that God has in store for you!  
Keep being you and never stop running after Jesus my sweet boy ~ he'll never lead you astray.  And know that your Dad and I are so very proud of you and will be your biggest supporters and cheerleaders every step of the way. 
Happiest Birthday to my absolute favorite 12 year old!!!!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."
~Jeremiah 1:5~

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Angela said...

Ohh so sweet! Happy birthday to him!! I seriously had tears in my eyes reading this, I can only imagine when I actually have my own kids!